A Simplistic Idea

There’s something about novel’s that have always attracted me. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was always so good at conjuring long sophisticated plot lines up in my head that, you know, writing a novel just seemed right.

But after seeing Source Code (which is a really really good movie, I strongly recommend it) I realized that maybe, a good story wasn’t all about big plot twists and traveling all over the world. You can have just as good a of story (with plenty of suspense) in just one setting, with quite a simple straightforward plot.

For those who don’t know (and I promise, no major spoilers, though you’re better off not reading this paragraph if you’re planning on watching the movie) Source Code is a sci fi about a man who is sent into this program called the Source Code (hence the title of the movie) and he’s there on a mission to find out who is the culprit of the train bombing. The entire movies takes place in two places, the lab are and inside the train. But the movie is still amazing.

I have issues with reading novels that are too simple. Ones where the climax of the book is when the car gets broken into and a GPS is stolen. I just can’t stand them for some reason. They’re not bad books, just not my type. I start getting really bored after 50 pages in and I’m not the type to just put a book down once I’ve started it because I’m also the naive type to constantly believe, even if there’s less than 20 pages left in the book, that it’s going to get better. So I plow through the book, put it down and hope to never see it again.

I like to go simple, but maybe simple books is not the way for me.


Those Flase Writers

No. Flase is not a typo. It means the same thing as false, but we are simply trying to make a point here. Flase writers do not know how to write. I’ve been on lots of writing communities where everyone is nice and besties with everyone else. People on these sites usually can write pretty well, since they’ve got the courage to post their work online to be read and rated. But even so, you can’t help but run into people who absolutely cannot write for their lives but still seemed to be completely immersed in their own writing. Not only so, they don’t realize how horrible their work is. These are the infamous Flase Writers.

1. Breaking Grammar Rules Has Just Gotten More Intense

There’s that saying, “Know the rules before you break the rules.” It’s true that authors sometimes use fragments to make a statement. Or incorrect grammar just to keep the flow. But there’s a bottom line and all rules of basic grammar are always followed (like punctuation and capitalization) with due respect to the reader’s readability. But Flase writers take rule breaking to a whole new level.

The most commonly found is the infamous lowercase “i”.

“i love you” i said.

“i love you too” he said. i smiled a real big smile. i felt to happy.

Please tell me that doesn’t bother you.

There also tends to be lack of spaces after periods making “[…] in the cornfield. Work hard and […]” into “[…] in the cornfield.Work hard and […]”. Nice new word, “cornfield.Work”. There’s no difference between periods and commas. One just looks curlier than the other.

2. Say, Why Does The Teenager Speak Like a Toddler?

Writing dialogue is hard. Writing good dialogue that matched your characters without being corny is even harder. Some Flase writers like using dialogue a lot. And they tend to look like this:

“I am sure you should stop bullying me.” The girl shivered in fright as she stared up at the bullies. They laughed.

“We are sure we should continue bullying me.” The bullies said.

“Please stop. I’m scared of you.”

“Haha. We will never stop! We want you to be scared! That is our goal!” 

If I were to see that in a book. I would burn it on the spot. Seriously.

3. Tell, Don’t Show

They say it’s always better to show than to tell. Saying “The crystal was magical.” is never as good as, “The mysterious crystal emanated a pale blue aura that give it a sense of magic.” It’s an art that’s hard to master and even the best writers have trouble sometimes. But Flase writers never have trouble.

The girl walked across the room. She sat down and talked to the boy. The boy talked back and they had a conversation. Then they ordered a coffee. They were sitting in a coffee shop. The waiter walked over and gave them coffee. The girl looked happy. The boy took a sip of the coffee…

The most simplest example of all these is My Immortal (which was also dubbed the worst fanfiction ever, you’ll agree once you’ve read it).

So, are you Flase?

I’m not giving up on writing

Today, a relative of mine asked me, no, he told me to give up writing. For two months. To study for this stupid standardized test called the SAT. I’ll tell you right now. If you want to keep me sane, I suggest you not ask me that.

And for that exact reason, I promptly refused.

Of course, I can’t just tell him that I would go insane if I didn’t write. 1. He would get even more angry at me and consider it an addiction, hence stopping me from writing altogether. 2. Who in the right mind would believe that?

But it’s true.

I’d rather keep my sanity.