Sarcastic Drain

You might have noticed that lately I haven’t been very cynically sarcastic. Or that I’ve been making pretty half-hearted posts. Well, actually, that shouldn’t be obvious because I’m so awesome to even half-hearted posts are amazing. Right? Right?

Alright, fine. Be like that.

Well, anyways, I guess I could say that I’m currently going through a period of sarcastic drain (a.k.a. school + lack of sleep). So for the entire month January, I was working as an intern somewhere for a project for school. And the hours were like 8:30 to 3:00. And also, I didn’t need to sit in a car for a hour to get there.

Now that January is gone, I’m back at school and life is harsh. Like for example, waking up at 5:50 so that I can sit in a car for an hour to try to get to school at 7:45. ¬†(Not that it actually happens like that. Getting to school with my carpool somehow always ends up with excessive speeding, cursing and running lots of red lights to get to school on time. It’s very stressful.)(Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration, but you get the point.) And then, worst of all, I have to do¬†homework! Ugh. How horrible.

So naturally, I’m quite tired. And did you know that tiredness is a big contribution to lack of motivation? Well you do now.

I guess you could conclude that I’m going through sarcastic drain. But anyways, enough of this. I need to go write a Valentine’s Day post.


The true feeling of tiredness…

I guess I’ve now officially experienced what it feels like to be truly tired and drained of ideas. And it’s not even that I don’t have ideas. It’s just that my sluggish mind has been so full of mush lately that I can’t even remember a blog post idea. It just slips out of my mind the moments it lands there. In fact I had some brilliant post ideas.

And now they’re gone.

So much for the brilliancy.

No only have I been unable to post, I’ve been slightly slacking for my Zero to Hero. I’ve done almost none of the non-posting assignments and haven’t really gotten around to posting in the forums. I mean, let’s be honest, what am I going to say? “So excited to start a new blog! Follow me, follow me, follow me!”? Hell no. Not to mention that I might get kicked off from the forum topic.

So as a new way to start off, I’ve started a new blog (ha, yes, again). And I’m going to start fresh there. It’ll be a critique blog and I’m hoping that people will be willing to submit their work and give critiques. But if not, well whatever. As least I tried.