Oh boy, oh boy!

I’m deeply excited for some reason, because today, when checking my stats, I found it to be the first time I’ve ever had decent amount of views where none of them were from the US. THIS IS AMAZING.

I’m currently running solely on adrenaline so you can understand, little things are making me react a little more over the top than usual. But still, how amazing is that? NO VIEWS FROM THE US!

I’ve also been getting decent views from Germany, Canada and a lot of other places.

Now as this blog post starts rolling downhill, I’m going to stop it before I start ranting about something completely unrelated.

Thank you and have a nice day.


That Stat Page

I find it funny that once upon a time, I used to squeal when I got more followers than 2. Or that getting even one view on this blog, with huge amounts of posts, was extremely exciting.

I guess not anymore. I get one or two followers every few days. I always get views now. I’ve become… numified. If that’s a word.

I wrote a post about Leagues of Angels because I was truly angry with that game. But funny thing, I’m getting all these hits now, with people googling “Leagues of Angels” or “League of Angel boobs”. It’s really funny.

I get views every day now whether I post or not. I get maybe one or two likes on most of my posts. I’m content. That’s all that I cafe for. You guys are awesome.

That’s all.