Sarcastic Drain

You might have noticed that lately I haven’t been very cynically sarcastic. Or that I’ve been making pretty half-hearted posts. Well, actually, that shouldn’t be obvious because I’m so awesome to even half-hearted posts are amazing. Right? Right?

Alright, fine. Be like that.

Well, anyways, I guess I could say that I’m currently going through a period of sarcastic drain (a.k.a. school + lack of sleep). So for the entire month January, I was working as an intern somewhere for a project for school. And the hours were like 8:30 to 3:00. And also, I didn’t need to sit in a car for a hour to get there.

Now that January is gone, I’m back at school and life is harsh. Like for example, waking up at 5:50 so that I can sit in a car for an hour to try to get to school at 7:45.  (Not that it actually happens like that. Getting to school with my carpool somehow always ends up with excessive speeding, cursing and running lots of red lights to get to school on time. It’s very stressful.)(Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration, but you get the point.) And then, worst of all, I have to do homework! Ugh. How horrible.

So naturally, I’m quite tired. And did you know that tiredness is a big contribution to lack of motivation? Well you do now.

I guess you could conclude that I’m going through sarcastic drain. But anyways, enough of this. I need to go write a Valentine’s Day post.



Let me be straightforward and tell you right now: I hate being wasteful.

In fact, we probably all do. I mean come on, who doesn’t get a guilty feeling when they go ahead and throw out a salad because you just “weren’t in the mood”? But it isn’t just materialistic wasting that annoys me. What I hate the most is when people waste time.

Time is precious! I know I sound cliche but it really is! In our school, if you don’t take a lot of classes, you get these empty blocks of time called free periods (I hope that name seems intuitive). Now I have this friend that has lots of these free periods. I don’t know how many exactly, but definitely many. So every time I see her, she’s always wandering around campus with nothing to do. And I’m thinking, don’t you have something more productive to do?

I always ask her what’s she’s up to. And she always (and I mean always) responds “Nothing. I don’t know what to do.”

All I can think right now is, you can’t be frikking serious…

Alright. Let’s think about it. How many 45 minute blocks of free time can you get per week on average? How many times do you get to spend these 45 minutes blocks wandering around because you really absolutely have nothing to do?

That’s right. Close to none.

Yet this friend of mine does it habitually. I can’t stand it. Even wasting your time surfing the web seems better to this mindless wandering. You don’t even get a good workout from it. I don’t understand. Does she not have a life other than homework and school?

Anyways. I’m currently quite confused and upset.

Why can’t I have the time to mindlessly wander around campus because I have absolutely NOTHING to do?