Uh, what?

Just as I was about forget about Project AWOL’s seeming interest in me, I suddenly get two more AWOL followers. God. Will you guys ever stop bothering me? I’ve made myself a promise. If I see anything on anyone’s blog that has to do with make money blogging, I will cyber slap them and then never come back again.

But now, for some reason, I’m also attracting the love of “I Love Latinas”? Ok, thank you for your interest as well in my day to day ramblings, but if you were to actually spend a little time looking at the header of my blog, you’d realize that I am in fact not Latina. I am no where near Latina. Other than the fact that I have dark hair, I look nothing like a possible Latina. What makes you think that I’m just going to like your Facebook page? Especially since you’ve followed me twice via 2 blogs that both only have 1 post on liking your Facebook page. Uh, nothing against Latinas but seriously? You guys are making your ethnic group look bad.

But on the bright side, I have more followers.

I like large numbers.


Go Away….

OK. I want to scream right now. I am sick of being followed by blogs that are filled with make money blogging shit. I don’t care if you were depressed and then suddenly made a couple thousand bucks off of blogging. I don’t give a shit about how you magical business model made you super rich, and I am definitely not interested in handing over my e-mail to your money making ideas. I don’t care if they work like magic. I’ve nothing against you guys. But really, almost 80% of my followers are people like you. I don’t care if you’re an AWOLer or whatever there is out there. If you’re blog is filled with how to make money blogging, I’ll tell you right now: I AM NOT INTERESTED. So go away and target some other newbie blogger with your stupid business models.

Oh Lovely Followers

I love you guys all, my little group of followers, but I have noticed that many of you are associated with this Project AWOL. I thank you for expressing interest in my blog, but please, I do not wish to make money blogging. I have no interest in making money via blogging. I am in high school. Go look for someone else to join up for your little moneymaking schemes. I have my own goals in life and they do not include you. I do not believe that everyone would be able to do this Project AWOL and I’m sure I wouldn’t be one who could.

So please. I’d like genuine followers who actually are following my blog because they think that it’s awesome.

Thank you and have a nice day.

(The irony that you will most likely not see this.)