The Holiday Dilemma

I know it’s a little early to write about the holidays, but lets be honest, we’re all in the mood already and as a growing teenager, I’m looking forward to Christmas, because every year, I’m hoping for some big surprise gift that going to make me SUPER happy.

But, there one sad fact that I know for sure – that’s not going to be happening.

It’s really unfortunate how progressively expensive the gifts people want get as they age get to be. When you’re 5, maybe you’ll want a $20 train set or some barbie doll. Then when get to maybe age 10, you’ll want a game or two or maybe a CD of music. And now in my teenage years, look at this wish list:

1. iPod Touch ($200) or iPhone ($500)

2. Laptop of my own (around $1000)

3. A Zither (an instrument, for those who don’t know) ($250-400)

Tell me that’s not expensive.

It’s completely ridiculous and I’m not going to lie. I wish that I had something cheaper on this list, but that is the simple truth. I’m not going to ask my parents for anything on here, because the money they spend on college and school, well, it’s enough to say that I don’t need to be a jerk and ask for more. So I guess all I can do is look at pictures and drool while I wait for a day where I can buy any one of those three things with my own money.

Until then, I guess Santa being real is my only hope.