NaNo Day 12 – Mind Blanks

The worst enemy of almost every NaNoer is their inner editor – that little voice that keeps on nagging you about the fact that that last sentence that you just wrote was, to be straightforward, complete shit. And the issue with this little editor? Wasted time.

Especially for people like me who are still in school and anyone else really, no one has the time to just spend all day writing 1666 words, perfected and corrected. No one would have the patience anyways. (And now, I know I’m generalizing, but let’s just assume the majority for now.) So that inner editor that tells you how bad a sentence is, is now the worst thing ever.

Some people lose energy halfway into their NaNo because, well, because that inner editor is telling them that their novel is horrible and that they should just stop. After all, what is the point of spending all this energy if your just going to end up writing crap?

Luckily, I’ve learned to completely ignore that editor with a neat little trick. I completely blank my mind and just write, with a hint of what I’m suppose to be writing in my head. It’s quite effective in word sprints and getting words out quickly, but it has deemed my NaNo’s, unfortunately, quite terribly written. The writing is horrible and usually you can tell because I end up with huge chunky paragraphs that tell way more than show. But hey, we’ve got NaEdYoNoMo right?

(And yes, I know, this has been like the 6 NaNo post. I’m just really into this ok?)