WordPress Drama

Sorry for the lack of post recently. I’ve been caught up in the stupidest online dram I’ve seen so far (not that I’ve seen that many) and it’s been making me really upset. And I need to vent a little.

I’m not going to name any names, but if you have an undying need to know who I’m talking about after you read this, you can go fill in the form at the bottom of this post and I’ll tell you.

So it all starts when I get followed by someone (which I will refer to as X). Nothing wrong with that, until I see a recent post of his, which is an angry re-blog, claim that someone else (let’s say Y) was attacking him for something he didn’t do. Of course, I’m curious so I go and look at Y’s post and while I don’t know either person, I’m already leaning towards X’s side.

The post was unconvincing in every possible way. It goes around an idea, but never hits smack on and you end up right where you started, barely skimming the topic that he was arguing.

So he was arguing that fake following is bad. And that people shouldn’t succumb to it. For people who don’t know, fake following is when you follow someone just to get a follow back – and don’t plan on doing anything more than that in terms of having interactions with the blog.  Y claimed the you had to have genuine interaction with the blog in order to follow it. Or else it’s a fake follow. So therefore, he only follows 300 some blogs.

Great. Ok. Cool. Nothing wrong with that. It wasn’t anything other than a mediocre blog post. Something that I could write if I wanted to, because I have a couple of fake followers. But then, I’m scrolling down through the comments and it becomes clear the this post was actually an attack at X’s ways of following people. Apparently, he was doing this fake following thing it was harming Y?

I honestly have no idea. But the thing was, the next day, there’s a second post that claims that he’s depressed, sad, and upset that he’s getting fake followers and that X was being a coward by (now this part was a little random) throwing pictures of his kids on his blog but not his own or his real name.

And then X get’s really pissed and closes his blog. End of story.

Now, I’m angry. The whole thing was immaturely stupid in the first place. I made a long comment on Y’s second post. He replies, and oh boy, it makes me so angry. You don’t even understand.

Y has closed his comments, but I feel the need to still respond. So here it is. Mr. Y, I wanted to tell you this:

First off, I want to make a point and say that I was NOT attacking you. Maybe I sounded a little mean, but that does NOT give you the right to be rude to me.

X was not dangling pictures of his kids. If you say that showing pictures of your kids is bad, what about showing pictures of your face? This is the internet we’re talking about. And if you were trying to help him, you certainly didn’t sound like you were. Not to mention that most people “hide behind a screen name” because they don’t want identity theft or something.

Also, let me mention that anyone who calls themselves “noble” or “honorable” or “stands up for injustice” tend to be talking completely trash. I’m not saying that you are, but realize that it gives a bad impression on people.

When big business blogs go and follow you, and you get really upset about it, you’re letting them get the best of you. And in the end, they still win. You can’t prevent people from following you and it’s completely your choice as to whether you follow them back or not. The amount of followers you have is just a number. It doesn’t represent anything. In your mind, you know how many people actually read your blog. THAT is what matters. If you care THAT much about a number on your screen, there is something wrong.

I do have to mention that there is a way to report blogs if all they do is try to get clicks and followers. X doesn’t seem to have been reported yet.

I’m not supporting either side. I don’t know X. I don’t know Andy. I don’t know you. But from all that I’ve seen, it’s only been you attacking them. If you can give me examples of them attacking you, I’ll gladly change my standpoint.

As for now, I’ll be pulling out of this ridiculous drama and pretending that it never happened.

I had something else to say. But I can’t quite think of it right now so I’ll got throw that in a part 2 post or something….


Haters are SO Mature *eye roll*

I was surfing the web for other writing site just see what else was out there and I found this one: Miss Literati. The site was beautifully built and to be honest, it was tempting. But unfortunately, the site seemed to be aimed rather towards romance and girls. Not only that, the first thing I saw on there under new works was this: I HATE COSMICREBELL.

Oh. Wonderful.

The second thing I see is this: I HATE YOU!

And the third thing I see is this: I hate XXGLITTERNINJAXX!!!

Can I only comment on how wonderfully mature this site seems to be?

I’m so glad to be on Protagonize…