I’ve lost hope in the YA reading community…

You know what? I think I’ve just lost all hope in the YA reading community. Too many times, I’ve read books and I squint at them and wonder who the hell allowed for this book to be published. And then I remember – right, other adult human beings who have jobs and are making decent amounts of money from this.

It’s books like Maze Runner and Fallen that really get to me. They’re popular (in fact, so much that Maze Runner has a movie out now, and Fallen is about to get a movie) but the writing is awful. The prose is bad, the story line mediocre. Plot-holes appear all over the place. Mary Sue characters everywhere. But people still love these books for some reason. I don’t see the appeal.

Recently, to my amusement, I was called a “stupid, dumb hater” because I claimed that I thought Maze Runner was a piece of crap and Dashner’s other book The Eye of Minds, a piece of crap as well.

dumbIt’s immature people like these that really let me down. I mean, seriously? You are going to call me stupid and dumb because I insulted one of your top three authors, who for the record, is a pretty awful author?

I’m not a hater. A hater by definition is someone who contributes negatively to the community for reasons that aren’t for the greater good of others. I don’t hate James Dashner because I’m a shallow ass and I think he’s ugly. No. I strongly dislike his books because they are bad.

It’s not even like I personally insulted anyone and called them dumb and stupid for liking the Maze Runner. In fact, be proud of me. I refrained from commenting on the fact that James Dashner is one of their top 3 authors in a list of 100 for best authors. Obviously someone hasn’t introduced this kid to Rainbow Rowell. Or Rick Riordan. Or John Green. Or anyone who writes novels that don’t completely undermine and insult the intelligence of human beings in general and super extremely intelligent teenagers, to be more specific.

It’s the fact that these books have such a rabid fan base that makes me even more upset. WAKE UP PEOPLE! STOP READING CRAPPY BOOKS!



Haters are SO Mature *eye roll*

I was surfing the web for other writing site just see what else was out there and I found this one: Miss Literati. The site was beautifully built and to be honest, it was tempting. But unfortunately, the site seemed to be aimed rather towards romance and girls. Not only that, the first thing I saw on there under new works was this: I HATE COSMICREBELL.

Oh. Wonderful.

The second thing I see is this: I HATE YOU!

And the third thing I see is this: I hate XXGLITTERNINJAXX!!!

Can I only comment on how wonderfully mature this site seems to be?

I’m so glad to be on Protagonize…