365 Day Challenge, Burnt Ever After, 1/31/14

Prompt: Remember yesterday, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

Oh. Awks. I took everything already.

Well, so be completely honest, if it were really up to me, I’d take the entire freaking house along with everything in it out of the fire and let that damn bitch of a fire burn on empty air. Or carbon dioxide. Woah. New invention idea here – fire the consumes carbon dioxide and makes oxygen?

No way.

That would solve global warming in minutes.

Well, I’ve got to spend more time writing an actual blog post rather answering this question prompt thing. So, peace.


365 Day Challenge, Five Items from a Fire, 1/30/14

Prompt: Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

Well, that’s a shame. That poor house. So, what would I grab?

1. My computer

Well, right now I don’t have a computer, but if I did, it’d probably have most of my future novel manuscripts, ideas, writing. I would afford to lose that. A pot of money could only support you for so long. This would be able to support me for a lifetime.

2. My books

I’d drag my whole case of books I must save. They’d all be packed up already, so I’d only need to  pick up the case and run.

3. My rabbit

I’ve got a really old stuffed rabbit that I’ve had for almost all my life. I’d imagine that I would still have it by the time I have my own home. I’m leaving all those memories to burn.

4. My instruments

If I could only drag out all my instruments. I say, if only one, well, I can always by a new piano if it’s too impossible to drag out though it’d be a same to see that ol’ boy go. I’d definitely want my zither. And my flute. And everything else. I’m a little attached really.

5. My technology

I’d assume that I’d have an iPod touch, an iPhone, whatever. That stuff. I think that I can stuff that in my pocket.

So that’s my list. Even though it’s technically a lot more than 5 items. Suits me just fine. I break laws all the time.