The Truth Behind the Screen

Facebook Messenger:

Me: Heyo!

Friend: Hey! Wassup?

Me: Nuthin much. I’m at a party right now.

Friend: Oh cool!

Me: And I’m also surrounded by boys. Lots of them

Friend: Really?

Me: And we’re also drinking.

Friend: No way… Ok. Kid, that is illegal…

What I really was doing:

9 year old kids: [screams] Linda! Can you show us how to get past this part in the game?

Other kids: No! I want to Wii remote!

Me: Settle down boys, or else I’m going to have to shut down the entire thing.

6 year old boy: I want to drink orange juice.

Me: [pours orange juice for him and me]

Me: I really need a break…

Get it?