Oh yeah, I’m suppose to be posting every day….

After scrolling through my widget bar to see if I could cut down on the few of them I found my “Post a Day 2014 Blogger” badge lurking there smashed in the middle of nowhere. Oh right. I was going to post every day for 2014. So much for that.

Originally I had planned for that badge to be on the top so that I would be constantly reminded of the fact that I had to post. kinda forgot about that. But to be honest, I’m not that far behind in my posts. I’ll double post for a couple days and everything will be fine. Right? (Right here, you should just nodded and play along.) I just missed two days in February and a couple in March. I’ll fix that ASAP and we’ll all be happy family.

Why I’m telling even you this? Who cares anyways?

(Well, I care.)


NaNo Day 10 – Catching Up

I don’t like the feeling of catching up. It’s the need to do extra work or to work faster because you weren’t on top of things that makes me dislike it so much.

So I’m ahead in my NaNo (as you may already know) but I’m still trying to maintain the 1666 words a day everyday. Because even though I could afford to not write for a couple days, it still doesn’t feel good to just suddenly loose my extra words for no particular reason. It’s also a good way not to get myself into the uninspired mindset early off.

But this weekend I’ve been putting things off a little and I had to do some catching up. So instead of writing 1666 words a day for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I wrote maybe 88, 2066, and 2950 some words for each day.

Some major catch up work for me.

And if you were curious, I’m currently at 22,381 words, almost 6000 words ahead (5715 to be exact).