Oh yeah, I’m suppose to be posting every day….

After scrolling through my widget bar to see if I could cut down on the few of them I found my “Post a Day 2014 Blogger” badge lurking there smashed in the middle of nowhere. Oh right. I was going to post every day for 2014. So much for that.

Originally I had planned for that badge to be on the top so that I would be constantly reminded of the fact that I had to post. kinda forgot about that. But to be honest, I’m not that far behind in my posts. I’ll double post for a couple days and everything will be fine. Right? (Right here, you should just nodded and play along.) I just missed two days in February and a couple in March. I’ll fix that ASAP and we’ll all be happy family.

Why I’m telling even you this? Who cares anyways?

(Well, I care.)


Those Idiots

I recently read a blog post on one of the blogs that I had been following and can I say, I was quite deeply infuriated. I’m not going to mention what the post was about or any names because that’s not my point. The internet’s a free place, if they want to express their completely invalid and ignorant opinion, I couldn’t care less. But really, I’m getting quite sick and tired of this.

There are two types of assholes, of which I still can’t tell which one makes me more angry, the one who knows he’s an asshole and doesn’t care to act any more politely or the one that doesn’t even realize that he’s acting like an asshole. Both annoy the hell out of me and really I’ve come to realize that reasoning with an asshole is like trying to teach a homeless man about calculus and then proceed to expect him to become a world famous mathematician. It just doesn’t happen.

But nonetheless, I’m still deeply annoyed by assholes and sometimes, I can’t help but throw in an angry comment. The few times I’ve done that has always ended up with long novel length comments wrapped around a couple points that are quite obviously wrong on their part, but they can’t seem to understand. And here I was once wasting my time trying to reason with an idiot on how claiming oneself to be “bring justice and peace to the world” generally means that you’re a phony, which wasn’t even the point of his post. Well guess what, his counter comment went something like this: “Well, I’m trying to bring justice and peace to blog-sphere and help the victims of those succumbed to such injustices… etc.”

Ok. I’d like you to give me one example of someone you know in real life personally who claims to be bring peace and justice to his people and has successfully done it. And famous people don’t count. Now, I’m not saying that he hasn’t changed from then, but honestly, boy, you need to understand how stupid you sound when you say that. They say “dream big”, but this is going way too big. (This happened a while back in case you were wondering and it’s not something I really want to think about anymore. I’m still angry at him too.)

Sometimes, assholes get all worked up about some petty thing that was originally a good-natured thought.  And then they claim the other to be cowardly, stupid, and any other word they can think of. I’ve seen it. I find it ridiculous. And really, seriously? How much more immature can you be for someone simply disagreeing with you?

There is specifically one person I do want to write about. But I won’t. I won’t even reveal his/her gender. Just know that there is someone out there that I in particularly despise. They probably don’t even know either.

Oh boy, oh boy!

I’m deeply excited for some reason, because today, when checking my stats, I found it to be the first time I’ve ever had decent amount of views where none of them were from the US. THIS IS AMAZING.

I’m currently running solely on adrenaline so you can understand, little things are making me react a little more over the top than usual. But still, how amazing is that? NO VIEWS FROM THE US!

I’ve also been getting decent views from Germany, Canada and a lot of other places.

Now as this blog post starts rolling downhill, I’m going to stop it before I start ranting about something completely unrelated.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Don’t BS Me

I just bullshat a post (ha ha, bullshat is a funny word) and I got more likes than anything in like forever. Are you guys trying to encourage me? Because I’m not biting for the bait.

I’ve been really tired lately. And when I get tired, I get really cynical. I guess you’re meeting my lovely cynical side right now. So, what is the point of this post? To write something longer than 400 words so I don’t look like I was cheating. (Though I don’t know what I would be cheating on.)

Ok. So. Uh. Hello. This is a blog post. And you’re suppose to write words in a blog post. And when you click publish, this post will be visible to the rest of the world for them to read to their own enjoyment. Now mind you, that doesn’t mean that someone will actually read it. Being available doesn’t mean people will know about you.

(Only 149 words… What…)

In a blog post, you should have words. Not letters, but words. I used to write with letters and I ended up with things like “ejoslide” and “goitjeg”. (Ok, not really.) These words need to form a sentence. A sentence for those who don’t know, is a group of words that starts with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark and conveys a full idea. Ideally, this would not work as a blog post:

Big blue whale.  Green leaves. bark of tree. Running through. the e-mail. sending off.

Ideally. Because if you were trying to be, say, artsy, you could proclaim this as a beautiful work of art. Or a poem. It would be a horrible poem though.

(272… c’mon…)

Also, a blog post needs to have a topic. For example, this blog post that your are reading right now, is a horrible example, because it has no focus. What does liking a BS post have to do with the making of a blog post? They’re totally not related. So if you decided to rant about socks, don’t tell me about the time you saw your grandmother’s panties. I don’t want to hear about it.

And now, I’m just placing words on a page just the reach the words count. I’m tempted to just throw in numbers as words, but I don’t think that count them in the word count. Well, let’s see. 1 2 3. Nope. I guess I was right. Horray for me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to leave now. At 400 words.

More updates on TWAE

Yes. I know the page still says work in progress even though I’ve been guilty of pushing the work aside time after time. So I’ll make an update post.

A couple things:

1. The basic concept is being switched. I’m too lazy to actually do a critique blog. Not to mention I have a feeling it will fail miserably. What it will be though it a nice blog where you get see my criticize awful works of writing (a.k.a. my brother’s stuff)(of course in a good way).

2. I’m making it public now. 

3. You should follow it even though there’s nothing on it yet. I’ll update it next Monday.

Uh, what?

Just as I was about forget about Project AWOL’s seeming interest in me, I suddenly get two more AWOL followers. God. Will you guys ever stop bothering me? I’ve made myself a promise. If I see anything on anyone’s blog that has to do with make money blogging, I will cyber slap them and then never come back again.

But now, for some reason, I’m also attracting the love of “I Love Latinas”? Ok, thank you for your interest as well in my day to day ramblings, but if you were to actually spend a little time looking at the header of my blog, you’d realize that I am in fact not Latina. I am no where near Latina. Other than the fact that I have dark hair, I look nothing like a possible Latina. What makes you think that I’m just going to like your Facebook page? Especially since you’ve followed me twice via 2 blogs that both only have 1 post on liking your Facebook page. Uh, nothing against Latinas but seriously? You guys are making your ethnic group look bad.

But on the bright side, I have more followers.

I like large numbers.


My typing is atrocious. You’ve probably notice that already. In fact, I probably need a personal editor or something, because this is really starting to become a problem.

My most common typos tend to be stupid things like not typing a “not” when I should be or typing “not” when I shouldn’t be, making the sentence mean the entire opposite of what I wanted it to mean. Which sometimes makes things seem really awkward. And makes me look like a fool. And it’s also really annoying for you and for me.

I also tend to add “-ly”s to the tend of words by accident or write the wrong from (like use “has” instead of “had” or something like that). I’ve also just written a completely different word (like “establish” instead of “Elizabeth”) (though, I actually haven’t made that mistake yet…). And I also tend to just add random “the”s here and there just because my fingers are so used to typing the, it’s become a bad habit now.

Now, let’s do a quick exercise and see how many typos I’ve made in this post.

That Stat Page

I find it funny that once upon a time, I used to squeal when I got more followers than 2. Or that getting even one view on this blog, with huge amounts of posts, was extremely exciting.

I guess not anymore. I get one or two followers every few days. I always get views now. I’ve become… numified. If that’s a word.

I wrote a post about Leagues of Angels because I was truly angry with that game. But funny thing, I’m getting all these hits now, with people googling “Leagues of Angels” or “League of Angel boobs”. It’s really funny.

I get views every day now whether I post or not. I get maybe one or two likes on most of my posts. I’m content. That’s all that I cafe for. You guys are awesome.

That’s all.

The Theme Problem

No matter how much you customize your theme, change things up, add a background image, it still is super awkward when you stumble upon a blog with the same theme. At least for me.

Theme’s are beautiful. They’re a wonderful way to solving everyone’s issue with being unable to create their own blog. Or at least a pretty one. But using themes has a bad side to it. You are no longer original. You can’t be counted as one of a kind. Somewhere out there, there’s going to be another person, who while won’t have the same exact color scheme, will have to same exact same theme. And that bothers me.

Sometimes, I’ve really been tempted to choose the least popular theme just for the heck of it because then the chances of seeing that theme on another blog is smaller. But then I wouldn’t be happy with how my blog looks.

What a dilemma.

I hate how OCD I am.