UPDATE 2018:

As of current, I will not be continuing any of these stories. Between the long hiatus and poor writing quality (as well as a non-existent audience), I don’t see any good future for any of these stories. I’ll be leaving these up for now, but they may be archived later.

Welcome to my stories!

Here’s a listing of my current stories on this blog:

1. A Deceptive Mind 

In a land that has split by war for years, the only thing that has been able to keep the balance between the countries is the Koona Tribe – a small community of intensely intelligent people who only help the losing side. But now, with the Koona Tribe wiped out, a new wave of war has descended on the land, this time with hopes of a definite victor, and they’re willing to do anything to win. But winning will cost more than anyone might realize. Especially when the Koona still survive.

Updates on Monday.

Genres: Action, Political warfare, Romance

2. The Thieving House (this is a collaborative work between me (Livi) and one of my friends (CyanideBliss).)   CURRENTLY ON HAITUS

The house appears on the empty lot on the corner of Grant and 32nd st two years ago. One day the lot was empty and the next day it wasn’t. It was as if the house had appeared out of nowhere…

The Thieving House, a house built for thieves to come and steal anything they wanted for a small price of $10, becomes the center of attention in the small town of Farentown. So much that now, except for a few loyal inhabitants of the town, all everyone here all live to go to the thieving house. But not everyone’s happy with the stuff that they get. Rumor has it that at the end of the Thieving House is a prize, greater than anyone’s largest dream. But the prize has a more sinister meaning than just endless riches.

Enter if you dare…

Updates on Wednesday.

Genres: Supernatural, Action, Adventure

3. An Angel’s Feather (Camp NaNo 2014, Crits welcome!)

Angelica’s been cursed every since the day she found that feather. All things she did, good or bad would have a repercussion on the opposite end of the spectrum in equal value. Living the last 8 years in solitude, there’s nothing worse than the sudden new kid at school who’s taken an interest in you and those men in black who are trying to kidnap you for causes not so great.

Updates everyday April 2014.

Genres: Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Romance (kind of)

For more of my works, you can look for me here.

Have fun reading!


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