Feather of an Angel: Chapter 3.6

A little more painful was quite an understatement. In fact, Christian long would have started screaming in pain if his mother hadn’t been upstairs. Why did he even agree?

“Are you… alright?” Angelica asked as she finally set down the hydrogen peroxide. Christian grit his teeth as he tried to recover. No wonder why she never spoke and anyone. That curse really messed things up.

“I’m fine.” He finally mumbled.

“I tried healing your bruises a little. I think that cause a little more pain than I thought.”

“You can heal things? Is this part of your curse too?”

Angelica nodded.

“I can do anything I want, but once it becomes humanly impossible, I get repercussions even if it’s neither good nor bad.”

“So technically you can fly?”

“Yeah.” Angelica shrugged as if it were no big deal. “But I also would have to dig a hole in the ground just as deep as how high I flew.”

Christian winced.

“That takes the fun out of it.”

“Yeah.” She sighed. “I had to learn that the hard way.”

Christian looked up at the clock.

“Well, it’s getting late. We have school tomorrow.”

Suddenly, Angelica paled.

“My library book! It’s still at home!”

Christian shook his head.

“I’ll go fetch it tomorrow. You need sleep right now.” He got up examining his bruises as he walked away, surprise and awe written all over his face. “You’re right… They really are smaller now…”


Feather of an Angel: Chapter 3.5

In Christian’s house, Angelica could feel a heavy aura of family. Even though there were only two of them, it was more than anything Angelica ever had with her mother. They were close. They joked with each other. Joking never happened. Only commands as to what to do. Her mother was a busy person and Angelica understood that it was hard supporting both of them and the rent without their father, but sometimes, she wished that her mother really could have just sat down with her and do something as simple as read a story.

Not that any of that mattered now. Now, she would have been completely glad that her mother threw her out. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, especially anyone she cared for.

Angelica was given on of the spare rooms upstairs, though it really wasn’t furnished. None of the rooms were furnished. In fact, there were cardboard boxes strewn everywhere. Granted, they had just moved in, but the house was a mess. In Christian’s mother’s words “an organized chaos”.

“Are you hungry?” Christian mother asked, offering her some graham crackers. She shook her head.

“No thank you.” Angelica said out of  respect.

“No? Well, if you do get hungry, I’ll be upstairs, or you can ask Christian…” She frowned looking around. “Where did that boy go? Christian?”

“Yeah mom?” His head popped into the kitchen.

“Where did you just disappear off to, leaving our guest unattended?”

“Hydrogen peroxide, mom.” He said, waving a small black bottle.

“Oh alright, now shoo. Off to the living room you two. Standing in the kitchen barefoot will give you a cold.”

Christian chuckled and Angelica followed him into the almost empty living room. There was one couch in the middle of the room and a lamp in the corner. Nothing else. No pictures on the walls. No TV. Calling it a living room was very pushing the limits.

“Sorry, it’s not much.” Christian grinned sheepishly. “We’ve never gotten to the unpacking really. Other than the necessities, everything’s still in the boxes.”

Angelica smiled slightly. A dark cloud still hovered over her and she was hesitant to speak to him. There was something that was still hold her back. A dark memory that had haunted her for years.

“Are you alright?” Christian set down the hydrogen peroxide in his hands and glance at her. “You don’t look well.”

Angelica quickly wiped the thought from her mind and shook her head.

“I’m fine.” She leaned over and picked up the bottle along with the can of q-tips. “Here. Let me do it.”

He stared at her for a long long time before he spoke again.

“Are you sure?”

She smiled weakly and nodded.

“It’ll be a little more painful than usual.”

Feather of an Angel: Chapter 3.4

This had never been harder.

Yes, Christian had taken on men before and won, but never 5 at a time, and especially after getting deeply bruised. The first man he had taken down was back up already and he would see the anger in his eyes.

“Not quite so nice to beat up a little kid, don’t you think?” He said, giving a cold glare at each and every one of them. “Especially 5 of you.”

“You asked for it.” The first man repeated. “Pin him down.”

He was thrown down on the ground and the man stepped on his face.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done this.” The man growled, a sinister smile spread across his face. “Let’s see how well I can still do this.”

He stepped back and motioned for the men to pick Christian up. Half-standing there limply, he seemed lifeless and in despair. The man laughed and threw a punch right at the face.

Christian, with one last struggle, threw his feet up and kicked the fist, sending him flying backwards. He landed on the ground, scraping his knees, but to moment he got up, he began sprinting down the street towards the school, where he saw Angelica, seemingly decided to come back.

“Go!” He shouted, his voice hoarse. “To the end of the street, then make a left. I’ll meet you there.”

He took a sharp turn to the left, making sure the men followed him before he kept going. He scrambled onto a car, shattered one of the windows and threw the glass shards at them. The car alarm went off.

“Credit Dianna for that.” He muttered as he ran back around the block. That was all the time he needed to get them off his trail. Angelica was there already. He beckoned her over as he pounded on the door.

“Mom, quick, open up the door! It’s me!”

Seconds later, a tall women, deeply resembling Christian slid the door open.

“Christian, what-”

Christian pushed himself in and dragged Angelica along, slamming and locking the door after him.

“You look horrible Christian!” His mother gasped. “Did you get into a fight already? I thought I told you that this was a nice town! We’ve agreed to put fighting in the past already didn’t we?”

“No, mom, I didn’t get in a fight with anyone. Everyone at school is really nice.”

“Then how did that happen?” She wiped some blood off his cheek.

“It’s hard to explain.” He sighed.

“The CIA…?”

“I don’t think so.”

Angelica’s heart lurched at the mention of the CIA. The CIA, after her? What for? But it settled down with Christian’s denial.

“Christian, you are leaving this area until you explain what the heck you were doing staying out this late getting into fights and- is that a girl I see you have there?”

“Yes mom, she a friend.”

“A girlfriend? Didn’t we talk about this?”

Angelica’s face flushed red. Girlfriend? No way.

“No mom, can I please just explain?”

“This better be good.”

“I was on my way to the bakery to get that exotic bread you mentioned and I saw her surrounded by these guys, these grown men, and they looked like they were about to kidnap her and so I saved her. And then we ran into a couple of inconveniences after that.”

Inconveniences? Angelica was in shock. The boy who everyone at school considered the nicest, most gentlest and non-violent kid ever just considered what just happened as a couple of inconveniences? How did he even make this transition?

“Well how’d you get rid of them? I can’t have crazy kidnappers pounding at my door in the middle of the night. You know how annoying that is.”

“Pulled a little Dianna trick.” He said with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Was it illegal?” She squinted with disapproval. He only shrugged.

“Does it matter?”

“No. As long as I don’t get phone calls from the police asking to arrest you, I’m fine. Dealing with the CIA is enough.” She looked over at Angelica. “Hey, you never introduced your friend!”

Feather of an Angel: Chapter 3.3

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Angelica ran off in fright until she reached her school, not very far from where she lived. Or where she used to live. She really regretted her decision. If she had just listened to Christian, he wouldn’t have to save her again. Or get hurt saving her. They probably were going to end up kidnapping him now and it was all her fault. What about his mother? Or even… Vicky and Jen? Surely they’d be upset if he disappeared.

But her…

Tears rose in her eyes. No one would miss her if she disappeared. Just simply another soul that didn’t appear in school again. Maybe they’d wonder where she was for a few days, but the arrival of a new kid would surely erase all memories of her from their mind. She was so unimportant, so useless… Why was she here?

She stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes. She would not allow herself to sit here like a wimp. She hardened her gaze and ran back.

Feather of an Angel: Chapter 3.2

Wave of relief washed over both of when they reached the exit of the building. Surprisingly, for Angelica there seemed to be a wave of disappointment just as well. She just seemed disappointed at how eventless their runaway was. It was nothing like the stuff in the books, exciting, adrenaline filled and fast. There usually was a lot of pain too.

“You look disappointed.” Christian glanced at her, a little worried that he might have done something wrong.

“No, no, I’m fine. It’s just…”


For the third time that night, Angelica’s face flushed red.

“Call me silly, but I thought it was going to be more exciting.”

“Silly, that was exciting. Anything more than that and you’d be crying from pain right now.”

“Yeah.” Angelica tried to wipe that silly thought out of her mind. “Well, where now?”

“You can’t go back there.” Christian glanced back at the building. “They’re going to keep someone on watch in case you come back.”

He paused for a moment, contemplating on something.

“I think you should come over.”

“No.” Angelica flatly refused. She had already pushed her limit with the whole confession thing between her and Christian. She was surprised that it even happened. Looking back on it, she honestly was starting to regret it a little. She couldn’t get attached to Christian. If she ever did anything to him…

Angelica didn’t want to think about it. Just like how she didn’t want to think about what happened to everyone else that she used to talked to.

“An-and I think you should go.” She turned away, trying to hide the waver in her voice. “Good night and good bye.”

“Are you alright?” He asked, a look of concern on his face, not that Angelica would have seen it. She began walking away already and her jaw was set. She was not speaking another word that evening. “Angelica!”

She crossed her arms and walked on.

“Angelica! You’re not safe out here!” Christian shouted, but she refused to listen, walking down the street. Christian sighed, shaking his head sadly. He turned around in exasperation and walked away.

And then, there was a scream.

“Angelica?” He glanced back and cursed to himself as he sprinted down the street. There were the men again and this time, they were fully ready.

Christian ran forward and tossed a punch at the man’s chest. The man, fully expecting a hard punch, puffed up his chest to the fist, which landed lightly on his chest. In a moment of confusion, the man was knock slightly off balance and Christian lodged a punch solidly on his face.

He pushed the man aside, ripped Angelica out of their hands and threw her out of the circle.

“Run!” He shouted. “Get to school! I’ll meet you there!”


“Just go!”

Angelica ran off, leaving Christian there to fend of himself. It was too late for him to leave the circle of men.

“Kid,” One of the men stepped forward, an angry sneer on his face as he cracked his knuckles menacingly. “You asked for this.”

Feather of an Angel: Chapter 3.1

This whole running away thing brought back memories of old adventures in Burenville. It wasn’t unlike many of the days he spent, wandering, gangless and friendless, in the streets, picked on by everything, teenagers and adults alike, those most adults didn’t bother to with him much. Not many people had that much free time that they would just go around beating up kids.

“Where now?” He aske, flashing the flashlight down the dark abandoned halls of the building. Angelica frowned. She really wasn’t quite sure. It had been so long since the last time she even took this route. If only she could get them to one of the areas she was more familiar with.

“Straight for now I think.”

Just then, there was the sound of splintered wood and louder voices.

“Run!” He hissed and pushed her forward. They sprinted down the hall as voices began thundering through the storage room.

“Round this corner.” She waved, and they turned, but not far down the corridor, they were blocked by fallen beams that had collapsed from old age.

“No…” She gasped, she was about to turn back, but Christian pulled her back.

“We’re going to have to climb through.”

“We can just go back.” Angelica insisted, uncomfortable with the fact that they were probably heading into an unknown area of the building.

“We don’t have time.” As if on cue, the echo of the horrible squeak arrived and Christian pushed Angelica forward. “They’ve found the door already. It’ll only be seconds before they get in. This way will be better. They won’t think that we climbed through this.”

Angelica nodded. Christian quickly scaled one of the beams.

“Need any help?” He asked, extending a hand.

She shook her head and climbed up with him. Sliding down on the other side, they set off running again. Another ear-splitting squeak echoed down the halls.

“Alright, let’s go.” They ran down the hall and took a left simply because the other two paths were blocked off. Christian had a small grin on his face. This reminded him of so much of the incident at the museum. “Don’t worry, we’ll get out just fine.”

Feather of an Angel: Chapter 2.6

“And thus started the adventures of Christian.” He ended there. Angelica was silent, thinking. Maybe finally there was someone that she might be able to relate her pains to. Maybe, she could trust him, this boy who survived a town full of nothing but violence. She took a deep breath.

“Can I tell you something?”

Christian glanced down at her.


“You have to keep it a secret though. And you can’t call me a freak afterwards.”

“I’ll keep my mouth zipped.”

“You have to swear.”

“I swear.”

“Ok.” Angelica straightened herself out, settled her pounding heart and began rolling up her left sleeve. “Around 5 years ago, I lived with my mother. My father disappeared a long time ago, so it was just the two of us. But then, I was outside and this happened.”

She pushed the sleeve up until he could see her shoulder where a faded scar in the obvious shape of a feather rested. Christian raised hand to trace it, but quickly stopped himself, glancing over at her.

“May I?”

She nodded.

He bent over her shoulder and looked at the scar. It was a beautiful feather, graceful and quite fine. It would have made one hell of a feather in real life.

“I saw a feather floating down from the sky while I was outside playing in the snow.” She continued after Christian leaned back, rolling her sleeve down for her. “It was so pretty, so I caught it, put it in my pocket and kept it there. Who knew it started getting all glowy and such. I got all freaked out and tried throwing it away and then it just disappeared.”

She stopped for a moment, unable to continue for a second.

“And reappeared on my shoulder.” She held her shoulder for a second. “At first, I thought nothing about it, but then things started going wrong. The bread I shared with my friends would always go bad after they took a bite. If I fed a bird, it would get sick from food poisoning.”

“The feather’s poisoning your food?”

Angelica shook her head at the question.

“Even worse than that. I can’t do anything good or bad or else I get repercussions. It’s like all of the good and bad on the world are balanced on a scale and if I drop anything on one side, something of the same weight appears in the other.”

Christian nodded. Angelica got up and yawned a little when she noticed that Christian was looking a little pale.

“Are you alright?” She was worried that she might freaked him out with her story.

“I’m fine.” He shook his head. “Just a little bruised. I’m not invincible you know.”

“I’m sorry.” She sighed. This was all her fault.

He smiled.

“Look at you. You’re having a conversation with a boy you’ve just met. What an improvement.”

Angelica blushed, but before she was about to protest, Christian suddenly sat up alert.

“People are coming down the alleyway.” He pushed himself up. “Do people usually come this way?”

Angelic shook her head.

“I think we better run then.” He got up. “Is there another way out?”

“Well, there’s a back door that leads into the building, but I’ve stopped using it because it makes too much noise.”

“Well, we’re going to have to use that then.”

“We’ll need a flashlight. The building doesn’t have electricity.”

“A building with running water but no electricity. Interesting.”

“Hey, how did you know there was running water.”

Christian shrugged with a small mischievous smile.

“While someone was offering to get a glass of water, he saw the sink which was leaking water before he got dragged back.”

“Oh.” Angelica’s face flushed red once again. “Let me get the flashlights.”

She ran out of the room and snatch both flashlights, the one she usually used and the spare, making sure both worked before she came back. “Follow me.”

Just as they got to the door at the back of the storage room, they heard banging on the front door.

“They’re here.” Christian cursed as he watched Angelica fumbled with the door. She tugged on it hard before it slid open just a crack. There was an earsplitting squeak and Christian winced. The banging outside even receded at the sound. It was as if the whole world stopped for a moment because of that god-awful noise. Even Christian couldn’t help but curse at the door.

“Mother of god… No wonder why you never use this door.” He reached over and grabbed the handle. “Here let me do it.”

He gave it one hard tug and it slid open just enough that the two of then would fit in.

“Let’s go.”  He flicked on a flashlight and they slipped in.

Feather of an Angel: Chapter 2.5

The new boy, Christian, moved to Burenville with his mother after fleeing from many places. They long stopped searching for relatives who might take them in. With the CIA after them, there were little people who would be willing to help them.

Burenville was the perfect place, but Christian despised it.

Such a dark place with so much violence. For a person with such a nature as his, it was hell on top of hell.

Christian was a naturally good fighter. He learned self-defense with his mother because they were getting chased. But it was called self-defense for a reason. He had never thought he would actually have to use these skills to fight someone.

Initially when he arrived at Burenville, “The Crazy Chickens” took him under their wing and all Christian could say was that they sure were a bunch of crazy chickens. Annoying, loud and didn’t actually know how to fight. In fact, not until after he joined did they have an actual fighter and it was because of him that they all of a sudden pretended to be king of the town. (Not that they were. There were plenty of gangs who could have completely demolished them. Thankfully, they did not run into any of them during their short reign in power.)

But, honest to god, Christian hated the violence. Everytime he got into a fight, he would always secretly visit whoever he hurt afterwards to see if they were alright. Not everyone would be friendly back, but occasionally, there would be a kinder soul who would accept his help, even though his did just beat them up a couple days or even hours ago.

The fight with Jacob was his last straw.

There was a small gang of kids, literally considered the nerd gang who were no fighters and never should have belonged here. They were the kids who got picked on. The weaklings. The whole incident that happened between Jacob and The Crazy Chickens was completely a misunderstanding, but TK wanted to “teach the idiot a lesson”. And so here they were, chasing the kid down all over the place, beating him up. Of course, the kid was too weak for them to have to bring out Christian, so he always stayed out of the beatings. He wasn’t stupid enough to try and stop them, not back then at least, but afterwards, he asked his mother to send some supplies over.

It really was hard not to feel bad.

But then came the day when TK (which literally meant Tough Kid) went ahead and began interrogating Christian on why he wouldn’t take part in the beatings. Wordless, he was forced to confront Jacob, who by then knew that he had been the one sending the food and the bandages.

Christian tried to keep it painless, but beating anyone up meant pain. There was no such thing as a painless beating.

Of course, after breaking TK’s nose, he was kicked out of the gang.

Jacob tried recruiting him for the nerd herd be he politely refused. He realized that maybe he worked better alone, without some gang to confine him.

Feather of an Angel: Chapter 2.4

Note: Being an idiot, I posted everything as Feather of an Angel. The title should be An Angel’s Feather. For sake of continuity, I’m gonna keep it like this on the posts though….

The town of Burenville, Illinois was a small and obsolete town in the middle of nowhere. It was known for being a terribly violent town. No one ever moved in because no civilized human would ever throw themselves into an uncivilized world and no one ever moved out, because then all of a sudden, punching someone would get you arrested. It was just simply there, not forgotten, just ignored, and allowed to do whatever it wanted as long as no one died.

It was also the perfect place for a runaway fugitive on the CIA’s most wanted list to reside.

Now, when they say most wanted, it’s more like “we need to capture you or else we’re going to lose face”. There was no huge crime committed, no mass murder, no large destructive weapons, just simply a few stolen documents that if released to the public would really embarrass the CIA.

The idea was that as long as the documents stayed secret, there would be no problem.

Burenville looked rather like a city, with many more tall buildings than any other usual town. It prided itself in being probably one of the only towns with a skyscraper, but that achievement was of course immediately the moment anyone was reminded of the fact that, oh right, this was probably also the most violent place in the US.

Burenville was notorious for its gangs. These gangs popped up all over the place and almost everyone was in one. Those who weren’t usually lived their life in hell. These gangs had ridiculous names, like “The Flame Perkers” and “Daisy Dragons”, but no one dared laugh any of these names. Any opposition usually ended in some form of horrible torture.

The streets of Burenville were dark and usually always littered with trash. On one of these dark streets, two of those gangs were currently in a long drawn out fight.

“Finish him off!” A tall gangly kid, maybe 18 years old, shriek, flailing his arms and somehow still managing to look tough. Not far from him stood a little 10 year old boy, covered in blood and panting, a bony boy four years older than he was lying at his feet. His eye’s were closed and blood was pour out of his nose.

“No.” The 10 year old boy suddenly spat. “Is this not enough?”

“Finish him Christian!” The tough kid shriek again.

“No, I’m not going to finish him off.”

“You coward! Wimp! Chicken! I’m telling you to finish him off you bastard! I am the leader. You listen to me, you hear that?”

Christian only stared at him flatly, hiding the fury and annoyance in his eyes, before he leaned down and inspected the boy on the ground.

“One broken nose, a couple loose teeth. A black eye and quite a lot of bruises and cuts. Is there anything else I should also do?”

“Break a bone, you dimwit!”


His fist slammed into the tough kid’s face, sending him flying backwards and his nose flapping the wrong way on this face.

“There. I broke a bone.”

In the silence afterwards, he picked up the boy on the ground and both gangs watched as he walked away. The only noise was the tough kid’s screams, both of pain and of curses.