Review: Stones of Power

Stones of Power
Stones of Power by Azumi Isora
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book was strange.

The idea and premise was very interesting, but there was way too much talking. I felt like the way this book had been presented, it would have gone better as a novel than as a graphic novel. The art is simply mediocre and I found that some of the characters looked a little too similar.

This book has relatively little plot in it. There isn’t really ever a climax and asides from a lot of worldbuilding, there’s not much to this book, which leaves me a little confused. Is this the first book to a series? And even if it was, this was definitely not captivating enough for me to want to read the next book of the series.

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Review: The Curse Defiers

The Curse Defiers
The Curse Defiers by Denise Grover Swank
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received and ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

It seems that as the third book of the series, Swank has finally learned to stay away from the wondrous tangential sex scenes that no one gives a fuck about and stick more closely to the story-line. We have more action in this book than much before and it’s made the book a better read in many ways.

That being said, there are still many headdesk moments in this book and I don’t think the improvements are enough to make the book necessarily good.

For one, swords are fucking heavy and walking around with one will also possible get you arrested? And really? All these deaths are just so completely unnecessary. I’m feeling numbed by them. At this point, I would be surprised if someone didn’t die. Another issue with that is that I refused to get invested in any of the characters because at some point, they run the risk of dying. Not that I gave a shit about any of them in the first place.

At least Ellie isn’t the whiny bitch she was beforehand.

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Review: The Glass Magician

The Glass Magician
The Glass Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

As the second book of the series, there were many ups and down with this book and I don’t quite find it to be as good as the first one. The pacing, for one, is quite awful. The beginning of the book starts out way too slow and doesn’t start to pick up until the last 50 some pages. A lot of beginning could have been passed off as padding.

Holmberg does, however, have a knack for writing actions scenes and they’re all very well done.

I am looking forward to the 3rd book. Hopefully the finale will be exciting.

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Review: Chimera Book Three

Chimera Book Three
Chimera Book Three by Phil Gomm
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received an ARC from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Real Rating: 2.5 star

To be continued…

*stares at end of the book*

WHY…. JUST WHY….. The end was perfect, why did you have to keep going………..

The third book of Chimera seems to start losing steam. The endless betrayal, plot twists, and constant use of deus ex machina to get out of crazy situations is starting to wear me out. By now, I’m just done with the endless circles that Gomm puts the user in. I have no clue who to trust, who’s speaking the truth and it leaves the reader feeling more annoyed than compelled to figure out more.

After 3 books of the series, I’ve come to the conclusion that power of plot is really what drives these books. Without the constant plot twists and bizarre encounters, this trilogy would be lackluster. With them, the books are a lot more readable, until the gaping issues become obvious.

The book continued to be a nice quick read and it felt just right to be a trilogy.

Another book? Seriously? I can’t do it anymore…

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Review: Chimera Book Two

Chimera Book Two
Chimera Book Two by Phil Gomm
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I recieved an ARC of this book via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

As the second installment of this series, book two did not let me down. the story remains whimsical, strange and well written and paced. The only problem that I’ve felt has become more and more glaringly obvious as I read through this book was that Gomm’s writing is really slightly on the dry side. There’s just a little too much betrayal that I’m still heavily confused as to who’s alliance is with who.

The biggest issue I have with this book is that it’s feels way too similar to Phantom Tollbooth.

In any case, a great second book and I’m looking forward to the end!

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Review: The Fifth Vertex

The Fifth Vertex
The Fifth Vertex by Kevin Hoffman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I recieved an ARC copy of this book from Net Galley in return for an honest review.

This book was a solid read. The characters were solid (almost). The writing was solid. The worldbuilding was solid. There really was nothing that stood out to me (almost) as gaping flaws and holes.

But, it is because of this solidness that also makes the story somewhat bland. There isn’t in particular, anything that makes this story really stand out from any other typical fantasy story. The bending of time space is interesting, but not quite enough.

1. Borderline Mary Sue
The problem I have with these characters, especially Urus and Cailix, are that they’re very borderline Mary-Sue. Admittedly, both characters are very OP. There’s nothing to hide about that. They’re suppose to be really strong, that was how they were and Hoffman does a pretty good job of balancing the OP out with flaws.

For example, Urus is deaf. Neither really know how to use their power, though Cailix seems a little OP in the sense that she just magically “knows” how to use her magic. Even more annoying though is when she thinks of how Anderis actually knows so little. Either she’s being stupid or he really is stupid. Either way, it rubs off in the wrong way.

Both Urus and Cailix learn their magic a little too easily and it bothers me. They’re both praised for learning something anyone else would need years or months in a matter of minutes. Now that, is very Mary Sue.

It’s dangerous writing powerful characters and these are really dangling at the edge of Suedom.

2. Bland World Building
First off, I want to say that the world building was good. Everything made sense, nothing was particularly info dumped. I was told what I wanted to know. It was satisfying. What I didn’t like about this world, was that it felt a little too generic.

In a sense, you might want to argue that there are blood mages and magical people who can warp time space, but stop and think about it. Blood mages are almost literally vampires who don’t drink blood but use it to power themselves. There’s nothing like a sigilord, admittedly, but at the same time, the basic plot of the book surrounds to idea of evil wanting power and trying to gain it back by breaking a sealed whatever. Sounds pretty generic.

Nothing against generic, but a bit more originality might have helped. What’s wrong is that nothing in this book is in particularly memorable. I’m not in love with any of it.

Frankly put, it lacks a whimsical aspect.

Would I recommend this book to other people? Yes. It’s a good read. Is it good enough that I’ll want to buy and own a copy? Probably not.

I’m definitely curious about this and will probably look into future installments of the series.

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