About [take 2]

So since I can’t bear to take down my original about, I present to you, about [take 2].

After writing an about me post, I suppose I’m much more… experienced.

I’ll tell you right now I hate righting about myself. I can never figure out whether or not I should be writing in first or third person. And it feels so weird when I try third.

And now I’m gonna be lazy and just copy and paste the stuff actually about me onto here from that post.

So here’s a little about me:

I’m sassy, which can seem hard for an Asian. Unbelievable even. I’m actually more sarcastically rude than sassy, but either one works. I’m super hyper and mean. Well, that is if you decide to screw with me.

I just turned 16 even though I’m a junior in high school already, which makes me one of the lucky people to get to go to college while they’re still 17.

I consider myself an oxymoron. I’m probably the nicest person you’ve met. Also the meanest. The most depressed and the most hyper. I’ve got some unofficial mental issues, but I’m also quite normal. You could say I’m the smartest and the dumbest, but I wouldn’t go there.

I’m an artist, singer, writer, though all only mediocre at them. My writing is here if you want to read.


11 thoughts on “About [take 2]

      1. I have to clarify that this “award” seems to be more of a chain letter, but it looks like a fun little thing to do 😛

        Your blog is a pleasure to read as always and it’s great to connect to other people around my age who actually seem to have a clue 😉

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