Teardrop: Chapter 1

We start with Eureka sitting, massaging her bad ear, which she hurt in the wave. She’s in a waiting room with an empty but really really loud fish tank. She’s at the therapist’s, which her dad made her go to so that she would be able to get over her mom’s death. Except all of the therapists somehow just suck.

Sometimes I really worry. Why are psychiatrists always portrayed as stupid dumb butts who never actually understand the angsty teenager’s problems?

Eureka noted her new therapist’s taupe leather slip-ons. She’d sat on the couch across from many similar pairs of shoes. Female doctors did this little trick: they slipped off their flats at the beginning of a session, slid their feet back into them to signal the end. They all must have read the same dull article about the Shoe Method being gentler on the patient than simply saying time was up.

I… don’t know how to react to that… Ew? Stinky feet?

After a very detailed description her therapist taking off her shoes (maroon toenails, if you cared to know), we find out that the therapist’s name is Landry. Really. I swear, did Ms. Kate just look up, see a laundry basket and then go “oh goody, a name!”.

Landry tries to initiate conversation, but all Eureka wants to do is escape reality.

But Landry looked sensible, interested in the reality from which Eureka yearned to escape.

Uhhh…. girl, just because she looks sensible doesn’t mean she is sensible.

Apparently she’s missing a cross country meet for this. She also recently tried to kill herself. And ended up surviving and thrown in a psychiatric ward with a schizo and emo Asians. What’s awful though, is that it’s described at if “oh poor little Eureka going through all that horror!” but fuck, bitch, you just tried to kill yourself. You’re just as bad as the emo Asian boy. You need to stop thinking you’re normal and then also try to kill yourself.

She’s all upset because the place was really far and also her hometown, which would make her unable to attend her cross country meet and it was a really important meet. But, she’s the one driving to this place. Why couldn’t she just skip the appointment? If the meet is that important, skip the fucking appointment.

The meet’s importation because ever since her mother’s death, she’s been doing awful and this was her last chance to redeem herself.

Landry asks a bunch of questions that Eureka thinks the answer too, but doesn’t say anything. She spends to whole time moping about good times with her dead mother and how much life sucks now because she’s dead. And she still wants to kill herself.

I can tell, this book is going to be a blast.

Eureka just wants pills. Landry says that’s not going to help her problem. Eureka storms out pissed.

Girl, why didn’t you just skip the entire appointment? Stupid stupid stupid.

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