Frozen: Chapter 36-40

We are once again in a situation where the odds seem to be against them. But i’m curious, isn’t Liannan magical? Aren’t the dwarfs suppose to be magical? They even used their magic on the compass to fix it. Why can’t they magically destroy the boat or something?

We aren’t told anything about their magical limitations and it leaves this whole ordeal rather pointless.

“I did not see them,” Liannan said coldly, as she appeared on the deck to join the group. “The ships are made of iron — which repels our power.”

Oh. Convenient.

Wes wants to negotiate, which seemed to be all that they’ve done for the entire journey. They know it might be a life or death situation and they agree to shoot each other rather than get caught.

On one hand, that is a bold move, on the other, why don’t you think you could possibly get caught on purpose, hitch a ride with the slavers and then escape and run to the Blue? Yes, dangerous, but better than starving to death.

Oh right. They have non-existent fish to feed them.

No one is armed and they have one shot in a cannon. Shakes shoots and misses. Wes plans to intimidate the slavers and scare them away, because that’ll totally turn out so well. Seriously though, the general rule of thumb for intimidating other people, especially violent assholes, is through physical superiority. You gotta show them that you’re aphla wolf and they’re omega. Wes, obviously, does not have that.

The slavers are speaking textlish. That LOL OMG JK I GTG I CU LTR language.

Wes solidifies his plan and is going to talk his way out of a fight.


Prediction: Wes will successfully convince them to leave.

And then, OMG! IT’S THE SLOB! I guess he’s working for Jolly? He “knew the whole time” that Nat couldn’t have actually been what she pretended to be. Wes knows the Slob and they converse. Wes offers to work double for half pay and then the Slob reveals that fact that he refused that one job.

The second ship pulls up and the slaver on there is called Ear.

Negotiations fail miserably as expected.

Darn. They get caught. I guess my predictions were wrong. For once, something finally happens. Jesus. The small crew gets branded and split up on the ships.

Hey, weren’t you going to shoot each other rather than get caught? What happened to the whole “I’d rather die boldly and live a slave” ordeal?

It turns out the Slob (or his real name, Avo) used to serve with Wes and then he became mercenary too. Damn, no fucking legal people? Wes plans to break out when Avo lets his guard down, because he tends to get lazy. Smooth. Usually, what you expect never actually happens.

They go 3 days without food or water, because… slavers don’t feed them? Like I understand the whole slaves = shit conditions things, but they gotta be fed! Number one rule of slaving is that you’ll get nothing with a boatload of dead slaves.

Anyway, turns out Wes has a secret stash of, wait for it, Bacon Fruit, that was stuffed into his jacketĀ because it made good insulation. 1. Ew, how long has that been there? It must be stale. 2. I would never ever want to eat anything that works as good insulation. 3 Seriously? Bacon fruit? You just couldn’t think of something a bit more appetizing to call it? This is completely ridiculous.

They’re taken out to perform tricks to entertain the slavers. I’m sure that’s totally what you do when you trap dangerous magical beings inside your ship. Why there isn’t a rebellion yet? I have no clue. These slavers have nothing that’s keeping the slaves under control.

That night, a flock of random birds come by and drop off nuts through their window. In the middle of the fucking ocean. What the hell.

The birds talk to Nat in strange bird language and tell them there’s hope. Wow. This is SO lame. I just can’t even.

Wes finally reveals his service life and apparently, you do more evil things serving than being mercenary and kill everyone against the government, including innocent civilians. This government is so fucking on unrealistic, I don’t even understand how it’s still functioning and also managed to take over half of the world.

How are the not goddamn rebellions yet? How has 90% of the human population not been wiped out yet? If you kill all your fucking citizens, there’s no one to rule and thus you have no goddamn country. Do you fucking understand? Where the hell did your brains go?

Avo and Wes worked together, they found the rebel base, but got caught trying to run away and get… tortured, because everything in this world seem to lead to that. They escape, Avo captures a marked man and tortures him… because he doesn’t already know the location of the hiding base? I have no clue.

Anyway, in the end, the rebels all die. End of story.

The next day, the slavers all wonder why no one’s starving anymore. But there’s no evidence. So no one thought to try to save some for later? Everyone’s just “let’s eat now because we’re short-sighted idiots!”

More shit happens and the stupid pilgrims realize a little too late that they’re not going to the Blue. But then people know Layman’s Code! Which is some wall knocking morse code! Nat has a convo with them! Because Nat just knows every language ever!

They talk some more because what else would you do in a slave ship? Turns out Nat thinks she killed Eliza, but then Eliza actually was marked and so she made an illusion that made it seem like she died in a fire, but she didn’t.

Nat talks about the voice in her head. Blah blah blah.

Padding. Ew.

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