Frozen: Chapter 26-29

Nat broods over the fact that she’s marked and the rest of the crew might be judging her. Everyone’s in a pissy mood because their journey’s gonna be twice as long so food is scarce. Everyone’s also seasick, the only slightly realistic touch to this journey, except for, there’s no current to make them seasick so even that has been proved invalid.

They end up eating bark, but where did that come from? Trees don’t exist anymore right?

We get a glance as Shakes’s backstory, which is also suppose to draw feels from you, but basically, he’s illegal, people try to taking him away and they get into a tug of war fight, with him as the rope. He gets dropped, bonks his head and now has brain issues.

I feel genuinely horrible for using this word, but that, is retarded.

Most people think his shaky hands are caused by frostblight though Right. That stupid disease that can’t ever happen.

Shakes’s dad blames his mom for having him, but excuse me asshole, if only you fucked with protection that would’ve never happened, so you’re to blame too. Nat mentions Wes’s sister, but Shakes gets all confused.

[..] Because Eliza and Wes… they were twins.”

And apparently twins are exceptions so why was she taken away? Dun dun DUN! But, I don’t care.

It is bad that I want the government to just poof out of nowhere and drop a bomb which kills them all and ends this book on a good note?

We skip the Nat’s nightmare of Daran steal her stone. Typical nightmare. Wakes up via horrible noise, turns out to be some weird wailing thing. Turns out to be a Wailer. I don’t know what the fuck that is. Nat feels strangely connected to this crying noise.

Prediction: Nothing will happen.

Darn. I was wrong. They lose an engine. They’ll be stuck forever floating in the ocean! But lol, jk, we have sails. So essentially, nothing happens.

Ha. There should be no wind either. That’ll make things more fun.

They go back to sleep and Nat tells Wes about the stone a little more. It’s magical and suppose to keep you young for a long time – the reason why Old Joe lived so long. Old Joe didn’t see anything through the hole, but Wes and Nat do. Why? I have no clue.

Wes doesn’t want it because… reasons, but he warns Nat not to tell anyone else. The Wailer wails again.

Leaving Nat, Wes goes to the Crow’s Nest where he sees a light. And he thinks it’s a rescue ship? Weren’t you seriously scared to go out to sea because of the pirates? What makes you think the first ship you sight is going to be instinctively friendly?

Prediction: It might not be immediately friendly, but definitely not going to give them enough trouble for anything to happen.

Wes is upset because he realizes that ten days later, once they reach the destination, he’ll never see Nat again, but you could just go with her. If you really wanted to say with her so bad. Nothing’s preventing you at all. Also, the crew is bitching pretty badly for no reason because ten days of half starving is like nothing. A whole month would be a different deal.

And then guess what? It is a mercenary ship! Which means no pirates! But the ship is a mess, so I guess no food. In fact, the people in the ship need help. Wes goes all “I’m legit badass bitch, but I still have a conscience so I have to save them, if not, I would have long stolen Nat’s map and left her tied up”.

But 1. actually, you would’ve taken that first job offered to you in chapter 2 and never ever meet up with Nat, 2. you’re too in love with Nat to do that.

Wes goes on board to check out the ship and finds that the captain is dead and the way he was killed plus the fact that the ship was left to sink meant that the navy was out. He tries to get back but the rope’s been dragged away by Daran. Wes leaps and falls into the sea, but then…. Nat and Shakes reach down to lift him up…? Wait… how far is the deck of the ship to the water? I am so confused.

Nat is crying, because he almost died? But… this is such a not crying moment. More like a “bitch you should’ve been more careful” moment.

Oh, right, Wes was pulled up by Nat’s mind. So she does have no trouble controlling her magic.

Daran’s pissed.

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