Frozen: Chapter 21-23

Nat feels bad about laughing at Wes’s ship because upon further inspection, we find out that it’s been made to camouflage perfectly with it’s surroundings thus also assuring us that nothing will probably happen on this trip through the ocean.

After a page of Nat doing random crap, we find that the ocean is littered with “trashbergs”, which are just mountains of trash.

Except, except, trash doesn’t just magically pile up into mountains because you say so.

Nat and Wes flirt a little, but it’s actually for once a slightly decent scene. If you forget the shitty characterization and cliches, some of the snarky remarks are pretty funny. Wes has a scar on his forehead that he claims was given to by Shakes with a pickaxe when he was trying to dig Wes out of an avalanche. We learn some back story for Nat and it turns out she tried to run before with an adoptive parent and got caught. Her parents had abandoned a long time ago as well.

She didn’t mention the real reason her mother had abandoned her. The reason Mrs. A had tried to hustle her out of the country.

AKA You’re marked. I am so sick and tired of this melodramatic voice.

Shakes apparently also has a shitty backstory, but save that for later. Wes smiles at Nat, but Nat can tell he’s hiding something. Wes tries to figure out how come Nat feels like she’s met him before after she leaves, also wondering if she just completely lied to him.

Ok. I understand if you want your characters to be alert and shit, but if they’re expecting a lie in the first place, why waste the time to ask for it? Nat’s a fucking client. You don’t get your nose into your client’s business. Just take the money, do the job and begone. So unprofessional.

Apparently the pickaxe story is a lie too and he’s told no one the truth, including his dead ex-girlfriend Jules, the one who searched for the Blue and died. These people are just building their friendship on a foundation of lies. I can’t believe it.

But then, OMG, Jules might actually not be dead. They’re just assuming she’s dead. From the way the books been going, Jules is going to appear. Or, PLOT TWIST, NAT IS JULES IN DISGUISE! :O :O :O :O (Unfortunately, I don’t think the author has quite enough brains cells to pull off something like this.) We get more backstory on Wes. So he falls in love with Jules, she wants to escape to the Blue, but Wes wants to stay to find his sister. Their love fades and Wes breaks up with her.

Yeah. Flat as cardboard. Boo-hoo. I’m crying now because I had to force myself to read that piece of emotionless shit.

So Wes goes all “fuck everyone I’m never loving anyone again” but then Nat comes and he’s randomly in love again.


I can’t do this anymore.


Jules “supposedly” died at a bombing a year ago.

*double headdesk*

And then Wes argues with himself about kissing Nat.

*triple headdesk*

After the conversation, they take care not to talk to each other alone.

He was nothing to her… and yet.. she had wanted him to kiss because she had wanted him… If only they were already at New Crete, so she would be rid of Wes and his ship and her confusion.

If you really didn’t want to get all that involved, you should’ve stayed quiet and kept the proper client to runner distance, but of course, doing so would ruin the romance and also the rest of the book, so of course not.

Plus, that’s the worst sentence I’ve ever read.

She reads because she’s classy. And then she catches a glint of something in the ocean.

It was black and oily as usual but underneath… she saw a glimmer… a flash of color? What was that?

A fin?

A fish?

But there were no more fish in the seas, everyone knew that.

Wait. What? Weren’t we told in the first couple chapters that fish was the most abundant food source aside from synthetic shit?

Fuck, where are you getting your water from? Where are you getting your food from? WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR SYNTHETIC MATERIALS TO CREATE FOOD FROM?


We find that it is a fish. Apparently a red fish that adapted to the whole “trash in ocean so let’s be red to fit into that color scheme”.

Except the ocean is still black underwater. Also. fish aren’t blue right now with blue ocean water, so fail.

A bird flutters by, because hey, it’s suddenly animal time! The bird starts singing and Nat finds the song lovely, but the boys can’t stand it and shoot the bird.

I can’t tell if Nat likes the song because she’s marked.

Anyway, the bird’s dead.

Nat knelt to revive it, but its small lifeless body was already cold.

Bitch. It takes longer than a gunshot for a living body to go cold no matter how freezing it is outside. FUCK, IT TAKES LONGER THAN A GUNSHOT FOR A METAL ROD TO GO COLD. This is just ridiculous. I think my tolerance for this book has just gone out the window.

Nat gets upset and then accidentally uses her magical powers to send Daran flying backwards. But can’t you not control them? What made you just magically be able to? Or is this something different that you can control? Either way, it’s unclear and I’m not giving the benefit of the doubt.

The boys turn from bumbling idiots to full on rape gang. They want Nat to strip to prove that she isn’t marked. Of course, then all of a sudden, they’re pull off a “we’re sick and tired of Wes being weak and we’re moving on by ourselves”, but we always know those never turn out well.

On the upside, something actually happens for once.

They want to steal the stone, but Nat bursts into flames for a moment, revealing her eyes and also setting Daran’s hand on fire. Wes arrives just in time, taking Nat’s side even though there’s no logical reason as to why the heck he would other than non-existent love.

Oh, did I forget to mention, this whole time, Nat was being threaten by 2 boys. Just 2. She couldn’t even fucking fend for herself.

I can’t believe it.

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