Frozen: Chapter 17 – 20

Wes plays badass and Nat gets to sit there like a damsel in distress. Fun.

Of course, the seekers are goddamn teenagers. What the hell. Wes tries to pulled off another act, but when he gets there, he sees a marked one with red eyes. And marked ones can read minds.


Fuck, and I was hoping for some action, but guess what? Wes bribes them and they leave. End of chapter.

I is anger.

They finally arrive at K-Town, which is also filled to the brim with other outlaws. Shakes wants food like typical Shakes, and they stop by a restaurant. Apparently, the food in the town is traded from the military in exchange for arsenal. Military gets guns, K-Town gets food. The government approves of such relationship and it is complete bullshit in my brain.

There’s a marked girl with pretty eyes and Nat goes in shock mode. Right. Subtle. The food here is delicious.

It turns out Wes doesn’t actually have his ship, he needs to gamble it back because he probably lost it in a gamble. And he expects Nat to win for him, because she’s casino worker lady? Just because you work at a casino doesn’t mean you’re good at gambling.

These two things just don’t equate.

They arrive at the makeshift casino and Nat is required to dress all slutty because that’s what people in casinos wear. Bitch, wtf. Just gamble and then get the hell out of there. If Wes trying to pull another one of his acts?

Anyway, she’s got fake ID and everything (Fuck, getting fake ID’s is so easy. This government is shit.). She’s a 16 year old wife of a phone dude.

Her first job is to deceive the Slob, who’s a notorious 19 year old pirate. Goddamn. Can the author not have a single adult for once? There’s a reason why society ISN’T ruled by irresponsible, angsty teenagers and it’s surely not because the average lifespan is longer than 50 years or age.

The Slob looks like his name and typical dangerous pirate smexy man.

Nat has no trouble winning whatsoever. There’s not even a mention of being the slightest bit intellectually challenged. She wins a few rounds and then challenges the Slob with a bigger gamble. His boat or her sea salts.

Nat still isn’t challenged at all, but she realizes, because she magically knows where every card is in the deck, that she’s going to loose next round and OMG what will she do? Guess what? Magic.

Yeah, convenient magic decides to act up and mess up the cards so that the next card drawn makes her win.

Can I punch something?

The Slob’s ship (or actually, Wes’s old ship) turns out to be a complete piece of crap.

“Seriously, we traded one of the most valuable things left on this planet — salt — for this?”

Hey. Earth is covered in oceans. Please don’t tell me you have a shortage of salt. That is the biggest lie anyone could tell because 1. the oceans would have to dry out for that to happen, 2. your supposed main source of natural food – saltwater fish, – is now gone. Also, not to mention, without salt, you will die too. So yeah.

Of course, suddenly, there are Thrillers (a.k.a. zombies) all over the place and they rush to get away, leaving the dock asap.


The Thrillers apparently mean no harm, they just want a ride. Thrillers are also apparently marked people who’s mark destroyed them. Apparently happens to all people. Of course, we’d like to know more about this, like how did people become marked, but of course not. If all our questions got answered now, no one would read the rest of the book.

But Nat is oh so special. She’s gonna be some catalyst of something horrible just because. Oh, and there’s a vague mention of the voice in her head again. Hello voice, we haven’t seen you since chapter 3.


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