Frozen: Chapter 14

Going to K-Town requires passing through Los Angeles which is underwater. But, wait a moment. It only takes 4 hours to get to Los Angeles from Las Vegas and no matter how roundabout your route is and how slow, there’s no way 4 hours could get extended to 15 hours. Maybe 8 hours, maybe 10. But 15 hours? That would require going at 20 miles an hour, which might be reasonable since it’s icy and snowy out and hard to drive, but they manage to drive fast enough to outrun drones, which are flying, so there’s no way they’re going at only 20 miles an hour.

Also, Los Angeles is right at the sea. Why couldn’t they just leave there? If they’re going up North (or South) there’s definitely a more straightforward way to get there rather than drive to Los Angeles.

Oh, and it’s a truck they’re driving.

Nat gets fantasies about Wes probably for not other reason than he’s hot, he’s Mr. Special snowflake, she’s Mrs. Special Snowflake and they’re destined to be together forever and ever.

A bar get’s lodged into one of the wheels somehow and the truck’s stuck. Everyone gets out to tug the bar out while Nat stares into the distance, being all deep about snow and watching mystical polar bears.

She’s staring at it with her binoculars and somehow, the bear see her and charges at her. She stupid enough not to move, not realizing until too late that the bear was about to attack her.

Except as main character, she’s conveniently saved.

I… I’m just wordless. It’s been 3 pages into this chapter and we’ve already ran into two gaping inaccuracies. Polar bears do not just charge at you when you’re far enough that you need binoculars to seem them and it doesn’t seem like Nat walked all that close at all. Polar bears are usually hungry and will try to eat you if they are hungry, but unless you seriously provoke them, you’re not going to get randomly charged at from such a distance.

The people who shot the bear were illegal tourist hunters. Wes tell Nat she should “consider herself lucky” that she didn’t get shot by accident.

They go back to the truck and then Nat notices that one of them is staring at her.

“Wes they saw me — we should go.”

No shit Sherlock. Because they’d totally not see you the first time when they shot the bear.

The truck’s still not loose and it seems like the hunters are… coming towards them? And so Wes pulls a whole act so that the hunters think they’re also illegal hunters. And nothing happens, no not-so-friendly shove, no angry glare, no bullying from the other people. Nothing. They just walked over and then walked away. So that was just completely unnecessary.



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