Frozen: Chapter 13

Blurgh. School has not been being nice to me. Haven’t been able to post must. Hopefully I’ll get a bunch queued this weekend.


There are magically intact back roads and Wes is driving through them even though he can technically see jack shit with the roads all covered in snow and also never used. So I have no clue how they’re navigating right now. Wes just somehow knows that Nat is a fake and that she’s probably a liar and a thief. But, fuck that, he’s attracted to her anyway.

He liked her, and he wanted her to like him, but only so he could use it against her later.

Okay? Don’t you like her? So why would you use it against her later? What are you trying to do? Are you still thinking about turning her in, because that’s a rather bitchy thought, not to mention turning her in would also equate to turning yourself in.

Nat offers to drive a little so that Wes can rest a little. Why aren’t the other boys driving? Where did they go off too? And how big is this tank/ship thing that the pilot area can give you complete privacy? Anyways, being the probable love interests, they converse, though the author completely fails at finding a good way to hop into the conversation, which is as important as the conversation itself. The conversation itself is somewhat decent and you learn a little more about the world.

There aren’t any deserts anymore (obviously because the world’s frozen over and nothing grows apparently) and also you need a license to have a second child, which was the cause of Wes’s sister’s tragedy meaning the government came and took her away, except for that’s not the full truth because the full truth is too much for Wes to face yet right now.

Apparently Nat’s upset that Wes looked up her past, but why wouldn’t someone wish to make sure that he wasn’t taking a suicide bomber on his tank before accepting a client?

We skip to the next day where Nat and Wes are sitting in opposite corners of the middle seat, obviously meaning that they don’t want to be near each other, but then they have a conversation again, so I don’t know what to say anymore.

I still don’t know what kind of vehicle they’re driving in and I can’t tell whether it’s because the author did a bad job of informing the reader, or I just wasn’t paying attention.

Of course, they talk about HOT people. Because that’s what HOT people do.

You also find out that everything requires a license including marriage, kissing people and having sex because diseases. Except for, does that mean that everyone has camera’s in their homes installed by the government? Because otherwise, how the hell is the government going to know if you’re having illegal sex and spreading non-existent diseases?

Also, why would the government give a shit about STDs to the extent that you’ll be arrested for copulating in private? I could understand if fucking each other is illegal in worlds like Orwell’s 1984, but if you’re only worried about STDs. that’s not enough to disallow marriage as well.


Wes starts teasing Nat because apparently she never had sex before.

She wasn’t the only one being teased about it. Farouk was giving Daran a hard time in the back.

Because apparently Daran probably has STDs from screwing too many girls without authorization. What is this world? Do you automatically get STDs if you screw someone without papers to allow it? Because I don’t believe that’s how diseases work. And what caused rampant STDs? Please don’t tell me it was because the world freezed over.

1. World freezes over.

2. ???

3. Everyone has STDs

Anyway, if you’d just make sure that the people with STDs don’t screw other people, then there’ll be no more STDs.

They drive pass scary zombies humans calls Thrillers, but nothing happens, which makes me wonder why the author bothered to even mention them. Padding? They drive just a little longer before Shakes announces some bad news.

“Bad news, boss,” Shakes said, looking up from the dashboard. “Looks like we’ve got a gas leak. Bullet must have grazed the tank.We’re not going to make it to the coast with what we’ve got left in the cans.”

God fucking dammit. Has La Cruz done ANY research AT ALL? Does she have ANY common sense? If there was a blasted hole in your gas tank, 1. you would have smelled it a LONG TIME AGO, 2. your car would’ve caught in fucking fire by now, no matter how cold it is outside, because it’s hella hot inside your car and 3. Liquid sloshes out of containers very fast, you would’ve ran out of gas only a couple hours after the leak. Of course, you’d burst into flames first and be long dead by then.

It’s obvious gaping plot holes like these that make me want to hurt something in frustration.

Of course, lack of oil = pit stop at K-Town. Sounds like a lame rip off of K-mart.

So far, their whole scary dangerous trip has been very anticlimactic.


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