Frozen: Chapter 11 & 12

Nat thinks that Wes is actually not such a fake anymore because OMG HE CAN SHOOT A GUN! Nat thinks about how she’s suppose to chose someone smart and she’s chosen Wes, who she thinks might ditch her. But she’s HOT, so obviously no.

They just drive out of the city because there are no fences. And no border patrol. So how the fuck are you suppose to catch escaping people? Oh right, you don’t. There’s supposedly an electric fence, but Farouk, one of the boys, disables it like it’s nothing. So yeah.

Outside the city, it’s a garbage dump, because throwing things underground isn’t a thing anymore. It’s called the Trash Pile. Ominous.

Anyway, Farouk can’t figure out the code because it’s German. Nat asks to see it and uses her magical Main Character powers to just see the code and it’s pushed off simply as “she’s good at math.”

Fuck, that’s the shittiest characterization ever.

All of a sudden Nat goes all “I know you, but I can’t remember.” at Wes because her memory is mysteriously gone, but you don’t know why. Like we care.

And then, turns out they’re still being chased because the government just spends all their time sending full forces after not very important outlaws. Like, WHY? JUST WHY? Maybe this for Nat, but a regular outlaw team or teenagers does not require hounds and drones and fucking tanks. That’s like trying to make a baby shut up threatening him with a knife. 1. The baby has no idea what that means. 2. That’s just excessive.

The boys start getting second thoughts on this. They don’t want to die, which once again disproves that they could have possibly ever been the top mercenary team, but they go on anyway, because there would be no book if they didn’t.

Later that day, it’s just Nat and Wes, and Nat stares at Wes, noticing how HOT he is. Again. This is, what? The third time we’ve been told this?

He’s handsome and brave, and any girl with a pulse would be attracted to him, she thought, but he’s nothing to me, a flirtation, maybe, someone to pass the time with, to make the trip more interesting.

What is up with that grammar? It’s like the author threw her thoughts into a washing machine and regurgitated that nonsensical crap. Also, are you saying that Nat doesn’t have a pulse then? Or that she isn’t a girl?

Anyway, they see something in the distance. The government seemed to have given up pretty quickly and are gone already, but they’re passing by a hospital to treat marked ones. So they plan on pretending to be a patrol.

As they’re driving near someone comes by. But dies. And Nat feels guilty because that dead stranger outside is “”her friend” not safe in a tank.


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