Frozen: Chapter 6

Wes walks out, scolding himself for not taking those chips. So these chips did just magically disappeared? He goes back to his “team”, which also had a couple new recruits. But since the team doesn’t really work anymore ever since they got denied, why are they getting new recruits? Isn’t that just making Wes’s job harder of feeding them?

Anyway, the kids are 13. Because from Wes’s back story, it seems as though everyone just magically dies of cancer nowadays which means 13 years old are now also magically more mature and reliable and must be used for jobs?

I don’t understand. What in this world caused cancer to become so rampant that EVERYONE gets it sooner or later? Radiation? But if everyone has heat suits, why not also make them radiation proof? Also, if cancer is so rampant that it’s killing people off before they’re even fully grown, shouldn’t an attempt to find a cure become more urgent? Not to mention, it seems that the average lifespan is less than 50. But that’s still enough time for adults to work so that people don’t need to hire immature 13 year olds (who are immature because their brains haven’t fully developed yet for them to make proper mature decisions, not because they can’t be mature, a point the author seems to be missing).

Also, we have high tech heat suits and endless gambling, yet it bothers no one that you’ll just die of cancer helplessly one day? Where are all these rich people coming from? Money doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. How are people gambling if it seems like the only people working and have money are the people working at the casinos?

How has this society not self-imploded yet?

These new recruits are rejects from the army, booted before they’re of age to avoid paperwork. Except why the hell do you have kids younger than 13 making up your army? Do you know how retarded that is? What the hell are they going to help you with? Is this the same army that also taking over the world?

And then we find out that the whole cheater boy thing was a setup. The cheater boy was a distraction and then Wes was suppose to take to chips. Except for, for some reason, the top mercenary team leader, who has probably done plenty of outlaw crap considering it’s a MERCENARY team for casino wars (which I’m assuming are wars between casinos), refuses to break the law when we finally get a chance to see him in action.

Because, fuck, he’s the smexy main character, he can’t do things against the law because nonexistent integrity.

The boys are angry at him because now they can’t get food, but all Wes is thinking about it how Nat is hot as shit (surprise!), and how she could tell he was a fraud from the start like a badass. Except for, it wasn’t like Wes was such a good actor or anything. She was just figuring something out like a normal semi-intelligent person would, but she’s hot, so everything’s amplified.

Because of this, they come to the conclusion of leaving the city… because… ???

Then he wouldn’t have the luxury of turning down his assignments.

Bitch, if you hadn’t turned down that first job, you wouldn’t be in this situation right now, so shut up.

If you hadn’t failed in that last attempt in the casino, you wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

Wes. You are a useless chicken.

One of the kids, Shakes, gets a phone call and it turns out, he has a phone. BUT WHY DO YOU HAVE A PHONE IF YOU CAN’T EVEN AFFORD CLEAN WATER OR FOOD? WTF IS WITH THIS LOGIC?

Shakes grinned. “Looks like we got us a job. Some chick’s looking to hire a runner and they hear she’s got credits to burn.”


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