Frozen: Chapter 5

Nat goes ahead and asks Manny, her pit boss, if he knew of somewhere to get a ship. Except, are you driving the ship all by yourself? Or are you just looking to hitch a ride somewhere?

Manny tells her it’s stupid to leave New Vegas because it’s be best place around and then the author proceeds to info dump about how the RSA has basically taken over the entire world. Except a small part of China.

WTF? I thought they were called the REMAINING states because only part of the country was left. This… the country’s basally taken over the world.

Visas are shit expensive, but no one really would ever need one since Vegas is so nice. Plus, travel is also shit dangerous. Nat insists, thinking about how everyone laughs at her for asking ridiculous questions. Typical.

“No, baby. Not gonna happen, don’t want to see you shot in the head, floating in that black water. There’s pirates — scavengers — out there, too, don’t you know? Taking slaves, selling ’em to the outlaw territories.”

Except for, since no one ever travels, what the fuck do the pirates ACTUALLY live off of? Also, since they’re taking slaves, why would Nat be shot in the head when she could be a slave? Nat shrugs it off and goes to work, dealing cards again.

And then. -drumroll- WES APPEARS! And Nat almost swoons at his good looks. -barfs-

Wes is acting all cool badass I’m going to protect Miss Little Mary like, but Nat turns him down and then…. for some reason, they’re flirting? They’re just two random strangers, Nat understands that he might be a total womanizer, but still agrees to a drink of water anyways because… reasons.

And apparently clean water is shit as hell hard to get even though there’s fucking snowing everywhere. Nat thinks about how the boy can’t even afford water. If you can’t even afford water, how da fuck are you even still alive? The answer: synthetic vitamin drinks. BUT ALL DRINKS ARE BASED WITH WATER, SO IF YOU HAVE A SHORTAGE OF WATER, YOU’LL HAVE A SHORTAGE OF EVERYTHING. WITHOUT CLEAN WATER HOW THAT HELL ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE THOSE VITAMIN DRINKS? WHAT, THEY’RE GONNA DRINKING OIL NOW?

So the game she’s dealing for continues and she ends up figuring that the boy she’s dealing to is a cheat because the house always wins.

But, you got this all wrong. If everyone lost all the time, no one would go to casinos anymore, because everyone would know that you’ll always loose. The point is that casinos give you the false impression that you’re winning with a series of small wins, but oftentimes, will be displaced by a huge loss, with which, you’ll want to win back. And then attempt to continue profiting. The continuous cycle eventually brings the player into huge debt and the house gains money.

Maybe this guy did cheat because the amount he’s winning is such a large ridiculous amount that could never be won, but then the logical reason for it isn’t that the house always wins.

So the boy points a gun at her, which is ridiculous because that just gives you away immediately. Wes comes conveniently to the rescue, knocking the boy down and also fishing out his winnings from this pocket?

Either way, there’s 4 platinum chips, which is enough got Nat to get a ship to leave. Except, the chips just decide to just disappear without explanation and Wes most obviously doesn’t take them, so end of that I guess.

Wes leaves. They still don’t know each other’s names. 


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