This Dipping Time of Year

I like to call myself an amateur writer. Well, I am one. Or was one, until I crash every spring/summer where my drive to write simply goes down to the bottom of the ocean.

Yeah, it’s a yearly thing.

I actually used to contemplate about being a full time writer. Just, you know, what it would be like to just be surrounded by words all the times. I’d love it in the fall/winter. Not so much now.

It’s weird how I go through phases. Spring/summer are considered my more artistic seasons where my craving for art takes over and all I want to do is draw a comic or something become famous like the guy who created Homestuck. In fact, it’s so effecting that I don’t even have the impetus to write a blog post. It’s not that I’m lazy, my ideas are just coming out expressed as images on a panel and that obviously isn’t helping me write.

Currently, my writing has dropped down to a minimum of flash fiction every week and an occasional blog post about something else (like this one). I’m spending too much time drawing and sketching out an outline for my possibly very first webcomic. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep ya’ll updated on that.

I’d also like to excuse myself for not posting for the next 2 weeks due to an AMAZING vacation to Alaska with guaranteed 0 Wifi. (Of course, I could just queue a bunch of posts, but I hate queuing things.)

That is all for now.

Have a nice day.


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