Troll Books

A common thing that happens is the sudden increase of books sales of a popular book due to the fact that it is popular. An even more common thing that happens, is a jack in book sales of books with similar titles. Like The Life of Pi in comparison to Life of Pi.

And so, it is in this trollish mood that I present to you, three (almost) troll books that I’ve found.

Cloud Atlas vs The Cloud Atlas

Now, to be clear, this first pair is a completely legit pair of books. Neither one is a troll book, but it’s amusing to see the reviews on Amazon, complaining about how the book, The Cloud Atlas, didn’t match with the movie, which was base on Cloud Atlas, at all.

Stupid humans.

Fifty Shades of Grey vs Fifty Shades of Gray (Subtitle: Tsk, Tsk, Tsk…)

This, by far, has been the best troll book that I’ve seen. The title literally contains one change of letter – from “grey” to “gray”, but it gives the author total legitimacy over her book and no one can complain – it’s their fault they didn’t notice. If one were to buy this book, one would get a 55 page book containing 50 different shades of gray in the form of African elephants.


Life of Pi vs The Life of Pi

We all know Life of Pi, that famous story about a kid surviving the ocean with a tiger. Amusingly, there is a book, matching the same name (with an additional “The”) that is actually about the number pi, with single short blurb about pi and then, for the rest of the book, you get pi up to 100,000 digits.

That’s not the funniest part though.

If you scroll down on the Goodreads page for The Life of Pi, you’ll see that some people have given this book five stars not because of it’s wonderfulness about the 100,000 digits of pi, but because “What a wonderful story about Pi Patel!”

Wow… You people don’t even read the summary do you?

So, moral of the story? Watch your titles.


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