Prompt: You (or your protagonist) walk through a door, only to find that not only are you not where you expected and there doesn’t seem to be a way back…”

You were probably really tired when it happened.

You made a mistake and the door just slammed behind you, leaving no way back.

You thought you were good enough – good enough to challenge such a maze, to challenge the God King. Do you think he would have let you off the hook so easily? Let you beat him, his pride and soul, so simply? You underestimated him. You were too self confident. You stepped into the maze thinking that you were good enough – that everyone else before you were all weaklings.

But that was a lie.

You’re just like everyone else – a failure who made a mistake and couldn’t turn back, trapped in this maze forever.

To hell with the God King you may think, but the one going to hell, is you.


7 thoughts on “Lucid

  1. I’ve always disliked mazes. There’s something unnatural about them. Your story is very good. Pride cometh before a fall. Well done. Lucy

  2. I like that idea that we are tired when we make our choice! Interesting concept. At the end, we are tired, but what if you make the wrong choice??? And don’t test the God King!

    We missed you last week. Glad to have you back!

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