The Magic Button of OK

This is really absolutely the worst time of school year.

There’s one month left and all I want to do and throw all of my stuff down and spurt magical fire over them while screaming “Screw school!” Procrastination has never been worse and I’ve been wasting most of my time mashing the magical Make Everything OK Button and hoping that something will magically change. Maybe I do need to check my settings of perception of objective reality.

Not to mention, my sudden laziness has made me not post almost at all this month. I’ve accidentally skipped two weeks of flash fiction prompts because I kept on telling myself “Oh, you can just do it tomorrow.” This is one of those times where Scarlett O’Hara’s whole “You can fix it tomorrow!” mantra doesn’t exactly work anymore. No I cannot do it tomorrow because it’s due tomorrow, goshdarnit.

Now, peace out, because I gotta attempt some homework.

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