A Dump Of Thoughts

Alright. I’ve got exactly ten minutes to write whatever is on my currently pretty empty mind and click post without proofreading, finishing unfinished sentences/paragraphs or doing any of that shit.



Well, I guess I’ll start with the fact that I got really panicky yesterday when I was trying to make a post and whenever I tried clicking publish, it wouldn’t publish. It was weird though because posting worked fine on my other blog, (which is a private test blog, if you were curious why you’ve never heard about it) but it just wasn’t working here.

So naturally, I thought I was going to have to go through a bunch of crazy stressful blog moving things when I remembered that, oh my god, handy-dandy Google is sitting right in front of me. How could I forget? So I do a quick Google search and guess what I found? Apparently some AdBlocks mess with WordPress’s posting system and I had AdBlock turned on.

Turned off AdBlock and voila, post postedt flawlessly.

My god that caused a lot of stress.

(4 minutes)

And then, uhhhhhh, I decided that I would… do something? (Ok, now this is really not making any sense anymore…)

Actually though, I was going through some popular mangas and animes and honest to god, why do all of the really popular ones have to be the ones that are 8000 chapters/episodes long? It’s horrible! Fairy Tail is like 380 some chapters and all I know about Naruto is that it’s got more than 500 chapters. This is ridiculous. Do you know how much time one would have to waste in order to read/watch all of that?

It sucks actually.

(7 minutes)

And then there’s this kid in my class who is really annoying. Acutally this is “friend” of mine who’s really really rude, but I’m trying to avoid high school drama on this blog mostly because I might possibly want to hide the fact that I might be an immature idiot. Oh and don’t get me started on prom.

Honestly, I don’t get prom.

Why spend 100 some dollar just to buy expensive dresses, dress-up and go a pretty just to go to a place where you can dance and eat food with your friends? I could easily do that much cheaper and still have just as much fun. Like seriously. This is really

(10 minutes)


2 thoughts on “A Dump Of Thoughts

  1. “…finishing unfinished sentences/paragraphs or doing any of that shit.”

    Someone’s been rubbing off on you 😉

    I never emotionally understood prom, either. Part of it is a case of sour grapes. The other part is just being a socially awkward teenager. (Not much has changed since then, except that I am almost a legally socially awkward adult).

    1. Teehee. I guess I could be categorized as somewhat socially awkward too, though I’m also the person who can put reading a book and writing blog posts in front of socializing with friends, which very well explain my not understanding the whole snizzle about prom thing.

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