“It wasn’t me!”

The wonders of the English language really allows for something as simple as “I didn’t say your name.” to be a sentence with many different meanings. How? Let’s try an exercise. First off, make sure no one else is in the room before you say “I didn’t say your name.” out loud. Now picture what is the scene behind this sentence. You can go simple or complicated. Once you’ve got that down, read on. Bolded words are to be stressed.

1. “I didn’t say your name.”

No, not me, her. You’ve found the wrong person to blame.

2. “I didn’t say your name.”

Maybe you’ve got earwax or something? Because I most definitely did not say your name. I was ordering a hamburger.

3. “I didn’t say your name.”

Maybe I signed it? Motioned it? Sung it? But not say. Saying things is way to boring.

4. “I didn’t say your name.”

Please, I called for my friend Mary over there. I know maybe Fogo and Mary sound like the same thing, but still, you can’t just assume that I’m calling for you.

5. “I didn’t say your name.”

I called for you, not your name. You sent the wrong thing over.

So, which one of these matched with the scene in your head?

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