James the Giant Peach


Prompt: For unknown reasons, insects begin to grow larger and smarter.

“Crocodile tongues.” The little boy said as he glanced at the open book. The book was seemed to be a children’s book with a giant peach on the cover. It said James [illegible scribble] the Giant Peach. Underneath the title was another line, written in marker: The book to solving all your magical needs.

It looked like the boy’s handwriting.

He set the book down and looked around his shack. He had things of all sorts, eye of newt, chameleon skin, even the tail of a lizard. But where would a little boy get crocodile tongues from?

“They have to be here somewhere.” He looked around in determination. “And then one day, Cathy will be just like the others.”

Cathy was his pet spider, who was now unable to hunt due to the sudden growth in size and intelligence of all insects. The poor spider was living off of solely die flies bought from the store. It had been weeks since she had fresh food.

The little boy set out again and passed many big bugs. He wasn’t afraid. There never was a need to. He had never been mean to the bugs, (even though he was trying to help a spider right then) so they had no reason to hurt him. He even made some friends with them, but whenever he asked how they became big, they would all fall silent and look at each other, as if they were pushing this big task from one bug to another. No one wanted to tell.

“Crocodile tongues.” He repeated to himself. The book had to be right. It was the only logical explanation.

Note: For those who don’t know, James and the Giant Peach is a children’s book written by Roald Dahl about a little boy who gets a bag of crocodile tongues. Upon dropping them on the ground, they proceed to make a half-dead peach tree grow a huge peach and the few bugs that encounter these tongues grew huge and were able to speak. The little boy in this short story is referring to the crocodile tongues in Dahl’s book.


2 thoughts on “James the Giant Peach

  1. Another charming tale! The boy is trying to help his pet spider grow big so she can hunt again. But those darn crocodile tongues . . . A great take on the prompt! Thanks. TiV

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