Inspired Stains


Prompt: A desperate man comes up with a unique way to make some extra cash.

It was simply a fact that Old George never had enough money. He had long lost his home and only wandered the streets now. He never had enough food or enough clothes. He barely ever washed himself or shaved. He was poor right down to the bones, but he never ever thought to beg for money.

Old George was a man of what you could call pride. He came from a rich family, one of many many lawyers and doctors and other fancy occupations. Old George was a doctor once himself, but those were the old days. Now, Old George was just another homeless man on the streets. Well, not exactly just another. Old George preferred to make his money the correct way, but what the “correct way” actually was, he himself wasn’t even sure. All he knew was that it had worked for the rest of his family and that he was probably doing it wrong.

He did not consider himself a failure.

Old George was simply different in his ways of life from his other family members. It seemed to be a different that not all of them could quite accept, but just simply different. Old George thought nothing of it. He spent all his money quickly, unlike the rest of his family. He didn’t save anything. He didn’t manage his money. Old George never regretted his actions.

Now alone on the streets, without anyone to help him (not that he would have accepted anyone’s help anyway) Old George was wishing he had a better idea in mind. Maybe the homeless idea was simply not working. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to sell his home to avoid property tax. But Old George quickly wiped that thought away. Old George never regretted his choices.

With nothing to do, Old George took out the only document that ever was of any importance to him – his high school diploma. It was as if that document had some magical abilities. Every time he looked at it, a brilliant idea would pop in mind and he would smile as he head off to complete it. Today his diploma did not fail him. Folding up his old diploma, he tucked it away in a pocket, an idea in mind and headed off.

Might it be important to state that there was a coffee stain on his diploma?

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