Feather of an Angel: Chapter 3.3

AN: Not really a necessary section. Literally just here for word count. Read if you like, but feel free to just ignore it.

Angelica ran off in fright until she reached her school, not very far from where she lived. Or where she used to live. She really regretted her decision. If she had just listened to Christian, he wouldn’t have to save her again. Or get hurt saving her. They probably were going to end up kidnapping him now and it was all her fault. What about his mother? Or even… Vicky and Jen? Surely they’d be upset if he disappeared.

But her…

Tears rose in her eyes. No one would miss her if she disappeared. Just simply another soul that didn’t appear in school again. Maybe they’d wonder where she was for a few days, but the arrival of a new kid would surely erase all memories of her from their mind. She was so unimportant, so useless… Why was she here?

She stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes. She would not allow herself to sit here like a wimp. She hardened her gaze and ran back.

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