Feather of an Angel: Chapter 3.1

This whole running away thing brought back memories of old adventures in Burenville. It wasn’t unlike many of the days he spent, wandering, gangless and friendless, in the streets, picked on by everything, teenagers and adults alike, those most adults didn’t bother to with him much. Not many people had that much free time that they would just go around beating up kids.

“Where now?” He aske, flashing the flashlight down the dark abandoned halls of the building. Angelica frowned. She really wasn’t quite sure. It had been so long since the last time she even took this route. If only she could get them to one of the areas she was more familiar with.

“Straight for now I think.”

Just then, there was the sound of splintered wood and louder voices.

“Run!” He hissed and pushed her forward. They sprinted down the hall as voices began thundering through the storage room.

“Round this corner.” She waved, and they turned, but not far down the corridor, they were blocked by fallen beams that had collapsed from old age.

“No…” She gasped, she was about to turn back, but Christian pulled her back.

“We’re going to have to climb through.”

“We can just go back.” Angelica insisted, uncomfortable with the fact that they were probably heading into an unknown area of the building.

“We don’t have time.” As if on cue, the echo of the horrible squeak arrived and Christian pushed Angelica forward. “They’ve found the door already. It’ll only be seconds before they get in. This way will be better. They won’t think that we climbed through this.”

Angelica nodded. Christian quickly scaled one of the beams.

“Need any help?” He asked, extending a hand.

She shook her head and climbed up with him. Sliding down on the other side, they set off running again. Another ear-splitting squeak echoed down the halls.

“Alright, let’s go.” They ran down the hall and took a left simply because the other two paths were blocked off. Christian had a small grin on his face. This reminded him of so much of the incident at the museum. “Don’t worry, we’ll get out just fine.”

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