Feather of an Angel: Chapter 2.6

“And thus started the adventures of Christian.” He ended there. Angelica was silent, thinking. Maybe finally there was someone that she might be able to relate her pains to. Maybe, she could trust him, this boy who survived a town full of nothing but violence. She took a deep breath.

“Can I tell you something?”

Christian glanced down at her.


“You have to keep it a secret though. And you can’t call me a freak afterwards.”

“I’ll keep my mouth zipped.”

“You have to swear.”

“I swear.”

“Ok.” Angelica straightened herself out, settled her pounding heart and began rolling up her left sleeve. “Around 5 years ago, I lived with my mother. My father disappeared a long time ago, so it was just the two of us. But then, I was outside and this happened.”

She pushed the sleeve up until he could see her shoulder where a faded scar in the obvious shape of a feather rested. Christian raised hand to trace it, but quickly stopped himself, glancing over at her.

“May I?”

She nodded.

He bent over her shoulder and looked at the scar. It was a beautiful feather, graceful and quite fine. It would have made one hell of a feather in real life.

“I saw a feather floating down from the sky while I was outside playing in the snow.” She continued after Christian leaned back, rolling her sleeve down for her. “It was so pretty, so I caught it, put it in my pocket and kept it there. Who knew it started getting all glowy and such. I got all freaked out and tried throwing it away and then it just disappeared.”

She stopped for a moment, unable to continue for a second.

“And reappeared on my shoulder.” She held her shoulder for a second. “At first, I thought nothing about it, but then things started going wrong. The bread I shared with my friends would always go bad after they took a bite. If I fed a bird, it would get sick from food poisoning.”

“The feather’s poisoning your food?”

Angelica shook her head at the question.

“Even worse than that. I can’t do anything good or bad or else I get repercussions. It’s like all of the good and bad on the world are balanced on a scale and if I drop anything on one side, something of the same weight appears in the other.”

Christian nodded. Angelica got up and yawned a little when she noticed that Christian was looking a little pale.

“Are you alright?” She was worried that she might freaked him out with her story.

“I’m fine.” He shook his head. “Just a little bruised. I’m not invincible you know.”

“I’m sorry.” She sighed. This was all her fault.

He smiled.

“Look at you. You’re having a conversation with a boy you’ve just met. What an improvement.”

Angelica blushed, but before she was about to protest, Christian suddenly sat up alert.

“People are coming down the alleyway.” He pushed himself up. “Do people usually come this way?”

Angelic shook her head.

“I think we better run then.” He got up. “Is there another way out?”

“Well, there’s a back door that leads into the building, but I’ve stopped using it because it makes too much noise.”

“Well, we’re going to have to use that then.”

“We’ll need a flashlight. The building doesn’t have electricity.”

“A building with running water but no electricity. Interesting.”

“Hey, how did you know there was running water.”

Christian shrugged with a small mischievous smile.

“While someone was offering to get a glass of water, he saw the sink which was leaking water before he got dragged back.”

“Oh.” Angelica’s face flushed red once again. “Let me get the flashlights.”

She ran out of the room and snatch both flashlights, the one she usually used and the spare, making sure both worked before she came back. “Follow me.”

Just as they got to the door at the back of the storage room, they heard banging on the front door.

“They’re here.” Christian cursed as he watched Angelica fumbled with the door. She tugged on it hard before it slid open just a crack. There was an earsplitting squeak and Christian winced. The banging outside even receded at the sound. It was as if the whole world stopped for a moment because of that god-awful noise. Even Christian couldn’t help but curse at the door.

“Mother of god… No wonder why you never use this door.” He reached over and grabbed the handle. “Here let me do it.”

He gave it one hard tug and it slid open just enough that the two of then would fit in.

“Let’s go.”  He flicked on a flashlight and they slipped in.


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