A Happy Couple Game


Prompt: Oh, I’ll propose a toast to the happy couple, all right.

“Oh you cynic.” Mary laughed out loud. “What’s wrong with us getting married?”

Sue glared at them.

“Mary, you know how much I dislike John.”

“What’s wrong with John?  He’s such a lovely man.”

“I don’t know. I don’t think you’ll be happy with him.” Sue leaned forward and poured some more wine for herself. “Would you like some more?”

“Of course.” Mary took the bottle from Sue and poured a glass for herself as well. She set down the bottle with a mischievous smile. “How about let’s play a game of toasting.”

“Mary…” Sue eyed her warily. “That never turns out well.”

“Don’t worry. You remember to rules right?”

“Don’t need to be reminded.” Sue mumbled. Oh, she remembered them alright. Simply drink and toast until you’ve said what the other person had in mind. Basically another way of saying drink until you’re dead drunk.

“I toast to your hair, girlie.”

“My hair?” Sue wrinkled up her nose.

“It needs a redo.”


Mary downed her glass.

“To your lips.”

“Hey! What’s wrong with my lips?”

“Same as my hair.”

Mary rolled her eyes.

“Nope. My turn. To finding a boyfriend.”

“No. To getting a ring.”

“Close, but no. To getting a car.”

“No, to…”


“To…” Mary’s words were slurred as she dropped her wine glass onto the ground. “I’m beat. You guess mine.”

Sue shook her head, somehow still managing to keep a clear head.

“I know yours.”

“Why don’t you say then?”

“Oh alright, I make a toast to the happy couple. Happy now?”

“Yeah.” And then Mary fell asleep on the table.


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