Feather of an Angel: Chapter 2.5

The new boy, Christian, moved to Burenville with his mother after fleeing from many places. They long stopped searching for relatives who might take them in. With the CIA after them, there were little people who would be willing to help them.

Burenville was the perfect place, but Christian despised it.

Such a dark place with so much violence. For a person with such a nature as his, it was hell on top of hell.

Christian was a naturally good fighter. He learned self-defense with his mother because they were getting chased. But it was called self-defense for a reason. He had never thought he would actually have to use these skills to fight someone.

Initially when he arrived at Burenville, “The Crazy Chickens” took him under their wing and all Christian could say was that they sure were a bunch of crazy chickens. Annoying, loud and didn’t actually know how to fight. In fact, not until after he joined did they have an actual fighter and it was because of him that they all of a sudden pretended to be king of the town. (Not that they were. There were plenty of gangs who could have completely demolished them. Thankfully, they did not run into any of them during their short reign in power.)

But, honest to god, Christian hated the violence. Everytime he got into a fight, he would always secretly visit whoever he hurt afterwards to see if they were alright. Not everyone would be friendly back, but occasionally, there would be a kinder soul who would accept his help, even though his did just beat them up a couple days or even hours ago.

The fight with Jacob was his last straw.

There was a small gang of kids, literally considered the nerd gang who were no fighters and never should have belonged here. They were the kids who got picked on. The weaklings. The whole incident that happened between Jacob and The Crazy Chickens was completely a misunderstanding, but TK wanted to “teach the idiot a lesson”. And so here they were, chasing the kid down all over the place, beating him up. Of course, the kid was too weak for them to have to bring out Christian, so he always stayed out of the beatings. He wasn’t stupid enough to try and stop them, not back then at least, but afterwards, he asked his mother to send some supplies over.

It really was hard not to feel bad.

But then came the day when TK (which literally meant Tough Kid) went ahead and began interrogating Christian on why he wouldn’t take part in the beatings. Wordless, he was forced to confront Jacob, who by then knew that he had been the one sending the food and the bandages.

Christian tried to keep it painless, but beating anyone up meant pain. There was no such thing as a painless beating.

Of course, after breaking TK’s nose, he was kicked out of the gang.

Jacob tried recruiting him for the nerd herd be he politely refused. He realized that maybe he worked better alone, without some gang to confine him.


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