Feather of An Angel: Chapter 1.4

Christian was surprised when he saw Angelica loitering outside of school, standing there with something in her hands.There was something that seemed different about her when she was alone. She seemed more relaxed, more… happy. There was even a small smile on her face.

“Hey.” He said, finally mustering up the courage to approach her. He didn’t want to break the moment, but he couldn’t stand there forever.

Angelica looked up, slamming her book closed. There was a suspicious squint on her face.

“I’m Chris.” He said, not quite sure what else to say. Angelica seemed to have had enough of her share of conversation for the day and remained silent.

She stared at him for a moment before she slammed her book, stuffing it in her bookbag and ran off.

“Wait!” Chris shouted, chasing after her. “What’s your name?”

He hoped that such a simple question might spark some conversation between them, but Angelica only quickened her pace.

“Please!” He begged. His hand slipped forward and grabbed hold of her wrist. He felt Angelica freeze up.

“Let go of my wrist!” She hissed, trying to push his hand off of her. In her frenzy, she tripped forward and slammed her shoulder into his chest, knocking him backwards.

Christian fell onto the ground and Angelica sped off.

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