Feather of An Angel: Chapter 1.3

The rest of the day passed uneventfully.

After rejecting Caroline in the most polite way possible, all Christian could think about was how he was going to approach Angelica. This certainly was going to be no easy task.

As the last bell rang, everyone closed up their books and began packing up to leave school.

“Would you like to join us this afternoon? We’re going to the Fro Yo shop downtown.” Vicky and Jen approached him again with hopeful expression on their faces. Christian wonder why he suddenly became such a hotshot at this school.

“I’m sorry. I’ve got plans already.”

They both looked quite upset.

“But I can always come another time.”

Seeing that it was a more passable excuse, both girls nodded with a giggled and walked off. Soon, the entire room was empty except for him and Angelica who was packing her stuff away slowly. Christian set down his stuff and walked to the front of the room where he began wiping the dusty chalkboard with the wet cloth hanging from a hook next to the chalkboard.

“You don’t have to do that.” A voice rang out behind him. He turned around surprised and saw Angelica staring at him, but her gaze quickly turned back to her stuff. He shrugged as he finished wiping the last of the chalk dust off the board.

“It’s become a habit. We always did this at my old school.”

There was no response. A moment later, he heard the door close behind him, leaving him alone, cleaning off the chalkboard in his classroom.

Christian didn’t leave until much later after he had thoroughly cleaned the chalkboard, swept the floor and rearranging the desks, pushing in all the half pushed in chairs and straightening out all the crooked desks.

As he walked out of his classroom, his past a tried custodian, dragging his equipment along.

“What brings you here so late, son?”

“Nothing.” He smiled, “I was just cleaning out my classroom.”

The shocked expression on the custodian’s face after he saw his least favorite classroom in pristine condition was priceless.

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