Feather of An Angel: Chapter 1.2

After class, half of the class crowded around the Christian’s desk. Most of them were girls.

“Hey, I’m Caroline’s best friend, Vicky.” A short girl in glasses waved.

“Hey, I’m her best friend!” Another taller and more lankier girl pushed against her. “Hi, I’m Jen.”

“Oh come on, let me see the new kid too!”

Christian was overwhelmed for a moment as the girls closed in on him.

“It’s nice meeting you all.” He finally said, pushing some of the girls gently away from him. “I’ve got a question that maybe you might be able to answer.”

“Oh, of course, ask away. Jen’s the walking encyclopedia. Not that she gets better grades or anything.” Vicky pat her friend on the arm. Jen only nodded, somehow missing the second part in her excitement of being asked a question by the new kid.

“Who’s that over there?” He lean over and pointed at the girl in the corner who was still sitting at her desk, staring out the window with those same eyes. All the girls fell quiet.

“That’s Angelica.” Jen finally spoke up. “She never talks to anyone. We’ve all tried being her friends, but she never responds to anything we say.”

“It’s like she’s deaf or something.” Vicky added.

“But she’s not.” Jen continued. “She acts like this all the time and no one knows why. We’ve all stopped trying. It’s pointless anyway.”

Christian nodded silently, his resolution only hardening.

“But don’t worry about her.” Vicky smiled, “I personally think you and Caroline would be a great couple.”


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