Feather of An Angel: Chapter 1.1

“Class, we have a new student joining us today.” In a small worn classroom, a teacher rapped her knuckles sharply against her desk, bringing the class’s attention up to her. “I would like to welcome Christian to our class. Would you like to introduce yourself, Christian?”

A boy of average height stepped forward in front of the teacher. He had soft green eyes, and wavy brown hair that hung loosely around his head. There was something about him, an aura of some type that deemed him friendly, even gentle. In fact, it even made the bland school uniform he wore look good. He smiled and gave a small wave.

“Hi, I’m Christian, you can call me Chris for short, but I usually just go by Christian. It’s nice meeting you all.”

“Thank you Christian. You can take your stuff to that empty desk by Caroline.” The teacher extended a bony finger at the only empty desk in the room, decorated with graffiti from it last owner next to a girl in pigtails. Christian smiled at Caroline before picking up his stuff. As he walked down the aisle, he passed a girl staring out the window and for some reason he paused abruptly. Girl’s eyes wandered over to his and they stared at each other for a moment before both quickly turned away, the girl out of embarrassment, Christian out of surprise. There was something in those eyes that he could not forget and he silently swore to himself as he walked to his new desk that he would try his hardest to wipe that something out of those eyes.

“Class, open up your textbooks to page 56. Today, we will be learning about the Enlightenment today.”


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