A Deceptive Mind: Chapter 2.5

Thus did the war at HeiLi end.

Of the hundred men that escaped via the mountains, less then half survived the climb. But that was better than nothing. They escaped with barely enough rations. If only they had left a couple days earlier, maybe everything would have been better.

After retreating, the Hyang troops left the area immediately. Everything was cleaned up and packed within an hour, the plain was just as empty as before with no traces that an army had once set their camp there.

The news of victory (somewhat) rose the hopes of the citizens of the Hyang Empire and a victory celebration was held in honor of all the men who fought bravely in the war and of all the men who made it over the mountains. Hanto was congratulated for his bravery in war, but Charlotte’s input in the entire plan was all but kept silent. No one knew of this mysterious woman who showed up out of no where to give advice to the Emperor. No one but the Emperor’s closest advisors.

Hanto believed that this was the perfect way to end this war. He was one step closer to his goal of kicking Charlotte out. But there was still one thing that bother him night after night.

Who was that mysterious man who came and saved him?


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