Nope, I can’t beat you.

Murphy’s Law states that:

What can go wrong will go wrong.

Which means, quite obviously, that whatever mistakes you might make, you’ll probably make eventually. Unfortunately, my brother can’t seem to wrap his mind around that.

Brother’s Argument:

Murphy’s law claims that what can go wrong will go wrong. So what if I only do the thing once? And also, it never specifies what this “what” is. If we’re talking about a specific car ride on a specific date, there are plenty of things that can go wrong during that car ride, but you’re not necessarily going to get into a crash. Yes, it probably eventually will go wrong, but what if I just never made a mistake? It’s not impossible. Also, the wording of the quote is wrong. It should be “What can go wrong might probably eventually go wrong.”

My Argument:

Yes, Murphy’s Law claims that can go wrong will go wrong, but it is under the circumstances that you keep on doing that thing over and over again. You can’t just take a specific car ride on a specific date and apply that there. What would be the thing that the driver would have to do over and over again? Avoid drunken drivers?  How many drunken drivers would you meet on your way to a grocery store? These circumstances that you give aren’t even plausible, not to mention, you don’t just drive once and never drive again.

Yes, it is possible to not make a mistake at all, but do you know hard that is? How little amount of people can actually achieve that? How tiring that would be?

If you’re going to argue the wording of the statement, you might as well also say that “The early bird gets the worm.” doesn’t apply to us either because we’re not birds and we don’t eat worms. That quote has a meaning and if you’re just going to argue about how words of the quote aren’t right, why don’t you just go ahead and make your own quote and claim it as your own law and then see how many people laugh at you for being so stupid as to creating a replica of a quote that already existed and claiming it as your own?

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