The Wrong Person to Trust


Prompt: A man gets a phone call in the middle of the night asking for sensitive information.

“Good morning Mr. Kenneth, how are you?”

Siire Kenneth groaned as he rolled over.

“Feel like fucking shit. It’s 2 in the morning, this better be good.”

“Sir, I need to ask you a couple questions.”

“Damn it, what did I do this time?”

“Nothing sir, we would just like to know a couple things.”

“Make it quick then.”

“What’s your favorite food?”


“Sorry sir, that’s not the right answer.”

“I should know what the fuck I like to eat.”

“We have down pepperoni pizza.”

“Whatever, fuck you.”

There were beeping noise in the background, awfully like someone typing away on a loud keyboard.

“Favorite color?”

“Hot pink.”

“And Kenneth is spelled with 2 ‘n’s, correct?”


There was more beeping.

“The fuck are you doing with this information? Is there something wrong with my security system?”

“Sir, just one more question, if a chicken crosses the road at 5mph and arrives at the cookie shop in 12 minutes, how many cookies are in the cookie shop?”

“That’s easy, 15.”

“Good. Thank you sir.”

At that moment the door of his bedroom opened up with a click and his wife stepped into the room.

“Oh hold on for a sec, my wife just got back-” He turned to his wife, “Maria! What took you so long.”

To his surprise the voice in the phone spoke along with his wife.

“The key you gave me ran out of batteries.”

“You could have just called me and told me to unlock the door.”

“Yeah and every time you claimed that I was a fake trying to get in to kill you.”

“I-” Siire was left wordless for a moment. It was true. Being constantly under the threat of death, he had a super security system set at his door. Only if you answered all the questions right or if you had a key could you get in. “Well, I’m sorry Maria for not trusting you.”

She only shrugged, putting down the phone.

“Nothing wrong with being cautious. Except,” She suddenly pulled out a gun, “I really am a fake.”


8 thoughts on “The Wrong Person to Trust

  1. All the top notch security can’t hold a candle to the love of a good, albeit fake, woman! Thought your dialogue was funny and effective. Nice work! And thanks for the mysterious prompt! TiV

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