A Simplistic Idea

There’s something about novel’s that have always attracted me. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was always so good at conjuring long sophisticated plot lines up in my head that, you know, writing a novel just seemed right.

But after seeing Source Code (which is a really really good movie, I strongly recommend it) I realized that maybe, a good story wasn’t all about big plot twists and traveling all over the world. You can have just as good a of story (with plenty of suspense) in just one setting, with quite a simple straightforward plot.

For those who don’t know (and I promise, no major spoilers, though you’re better off not reading this paragraph if you’re planning on watching the movie) Source Code is a sci fi about a man who is sent into this program called the Source Code (hence the title of the movie) and he’s there on a mission to find out who is the culprit of the train bombing. The entire movies takes place in two places, the lab are and inside the train. But the movie is still amazing.

I have issues with reading novels that are too simple. Ones where the climax of the book is when the car gets broken into and a GPS is stolen. I just can’t stand them for some reason. They’re not bad books, just not my type. I start getting really bored after 50 pages in and I’m not the type to just put a book down once I’ve started it because I’m also the naive type to constantly believe, even if there’s less than 20 pages left in the book, that it’s going to get better. So I plow through the book, put it down and hope to never see it again.

I like to go simple, but maybe simple books is not the way for me.


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