Plot Twist


Prompt: Suffering a mid-life crisis, a man on the eve of his fiftieth birthday quits his job and goes on a  quest to “get the band back together.”

[…]i’m suffering. i can’t liver life anymore. my gramar has goten so horible i cant spel anymore. i think this was the state i found myself on the day before my 50th b-day. i was so tired, so drain, and so unable to live life as it is. i think i am having a midlife crisis. so, this afternoon, i stared deep into my birthday cake (which was shaped like a chocolate frosted donut and had boston Cream in the middle) and i realized that i was getting too old. i was going to probably die tomorrow. yesterday, at the hospital, i found out that i had heart issues. like my grandpa who died of a heart attack. we found him on the ground and it made me really scared and i cried. it was realy realy bad.

i decided to pick up my fone and call my boss, who it this very young, very cool girl. she picked up and told me she was busy. i said that I was retireing. she was surprised. but i hung up so she couldnt say no. i was going to travel to world and visit places like disnesy Land. […]

At this moment, the 9 year old boy clicked post and added this new segment to his on-going story titled “My Mid-Life Crisis” on his blog “The Life of a 50 Year Old”.

6 thoughts on “Plot Twist

  1. You certainly have a knack for writing in the style of bad grammar and spelling! I think understand this story to be from the perceptive of a nine-year old boy writing about what it’s like to be fifty. I like how the the fifty-year old’s grammar gets bad and all he thinks about is death. Probably not far off the mark how kids think about adults! Nice work! TiV

    1. Haha thanks. I didn’t really understand what a mid-life crisis exactly was so I thought, you know, why not interpret it from the view of a child. I guess it kinda worked out.

      1. It sure did!! Very creative! And for the record a mid-life crisis is when you evaluate your life and hopefully you are happy with the decisions that got you to your current point in life. It’s also a time when you realize that you aren’t young anymore.

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