A Deceptive Mind: Chapter 2.4

AN: Not the best writing, but here you go.

Charlotte watched the sun set in silence outside of her tent. Since that afternoon, Charlotte had been avoiding the Emperor. Not because she was afraid, of course, but simply because she knew better than to aggravate a man of great power moments before he went into battle. Oftentimes, the results were not good.

The couple times she passed Hanto. she saw the same “screw you” expression every time with a little smirk after he found out about her little mishap with his father.

Charlotte stared off into the distance, gazing steadily at the troops standing tall off on the horizon…


The Emperor’s horse’s hooves clattered as he paced back and forth.

“Your Majesty, the last troops have arrived.”

The Emperor nodded, stopping his. “Then we shall attack.”

“Men!” He shouted, his voice booming across the field. “Tonight, we take no prisoners. But the moment I declare retreat, you will listen and retreat! We are following a carefully thought out plan and any hesitation on your part will result in immediate death.”

The sounds of horns echoed after his voice.

“For the Hyang!” He raised his sword. “Charge!”

Row after rows of men began striding forward, some on horses, some on foot, towards the Choung encampment right on the outskirts of the city. Hanto led a group of men to the right and Captain Gana led a group to the left. Soon enough they surrounded the entire Choung camp. But the Choung had been expecting them and the moment they came in range, arrow’s began raining down. Men fell right and left, but the Hyang continued to plow on.

“Charge!” The Emperor shouted again, waving his sword around deflecting that arrows that came to him. Things were not looking so good anymore.


As Charlotte watched the battle intensify she realized that she owed a letter to her teacher. She was about to turn back into her tent when she heard the horn again. And this time, it was blowing the distress signal.

“You can’t be serious…” Charlotte cursed, rushing onto her horse. Who the heck was going to answer this except for the few men left to guard the camp?

“Men! Your Emperor’s in distress.” She shouted. “We have to go help them.”

Only wary eyes met her command.

“Well if you’re not going than so be it.” She spat, disgusted at the cowardice of these men and then she bounded towards the battle.


Hanto was stuck in the middle, completely surrounded by the Choung. His father was still well protected but he had ran too far in too fast for any of his men to have followed. Who knew the Choung had been so well prepared?

The distress horn sounded once more. Who was going to come though?

At that moment, he saw a man fall down in front of him with an arrow in his back. Everyone froze for a moment. And then another went down. And another.

“Over there!” They shouted and there Hanto saw a dark figure, bow in hand riding through the swarms of men. His face was covered and he was wearing all black. He rode over the Hanto and extended a hand.

“You need to get out of here.” He whispered, his voice rather high and feminine, but too raspy to be one of a woman. Hanto grabbed his hand and swung onto the horse.

“Retreat!” He shouted to his men. This had been enough of a divergence for those in the city to get away. There was no need to continue fighting. This had been a fight they weren’t going to win in the first place.

They galloped away until they had broken free of the surrounding Choung. The man promptly pushed Hanto off the horse and disappeared into the night before he could say another word.


The first guard landed on the ground dead soundlessly with an arrow in his left eye. A line of soldiers, not much more than 50 followed their leader silently along the mountain path. The second guard went down with a thud louder than hoped. The third guard raised the alarm, but it was too late.


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